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What is a Mercedes B Service?

Nothing’s worse than driving your Mercedes and a warning light appearing on your dashboard.

Is it your Turbo? DPF? Exhaust? Maybe an EGR issue? It could be several problems.

You can help limit these issues popping up by regularly servicing your Mercedes.

A regular Mercedes service keeps your vehicle performing optimally. It finds the smallest faults early, ensuring your Mercedes remains in peak condition while preventing niggly repairs.

Mercedes have two main types of service to keep your vehicle in top condition:

  •       Mercedes A Service
  •       Mercedes B Service

To keep your Mercedes performing optimally and maximising your safety, you should never miss your scheduled service. Regardless of what service you’re due, both the A service and B service are required to keep your Mercedes warranty intact. And, more importantly, to keep you safe.

When Mrs J brought her Mercedes C class to our specialists at Fitch Autos, she knew her vehicle was due a service but was unsure of what type.

Luckily, our Mercedes specialists have the knowledge and skill set to deal with any Mercedes issues. We find even the smallest faults other garages might overlook.

Every Fitch Autos Mercedes service provides a full safety inspection, keeping you safe and giving you excellent value. Our goal is to provide a solution to your problems without sacrificing quality or safety.

What’s the difference between Mercedes A service and Mercedes B service?

We’re often asked, “what’s the difference between the Mercedes A service and B service?”

Here are the main differences between the two Mercedes services:

The Mercedes A service is usually required when your vehicle reaches one year old and is repeated every two years.

Mercedes A service includes:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Tyre inflation check & correction
  • Brake Component inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter

The Mercedes B service is more extensive. It’s best suited for older Mercedes vehicles or if you’ve clocked-up more mileage.

Your Mercedes B service is usually required one year after your Mercedes A service. The two types of service alternate each year. (The Mercedes B service is approximately every two years, depending on your mileage).

Mercedes B service includes:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Cabin dust/combination filter replacement
  •  Brake component inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter

When Mrs J came to Fitch Autos, she was unsure what service was required.

Luckily, our experts have access to the same manufacturer information as the main Mercedes dealership, so we knew precisely what her vehicle needed.

What happened next?

Our Mercedes specialists checked the Mercedes digital service records and discovered Mrs J’s C Class was due a Mercedes B service.

While our experts performed the Mercedes B service, they noticed a worrying problem. There was a small oil leak, which could lead to a severe issue if left unchecked.

Mrs J’s C Class wasn’t your average vehicle; it was a 4L V8, making it an extremely nice car. Luxury vehicles like hers need a lot of care and attention to keep them in peak condition. The last thing you want is a minor issue developing into something more problematic.


While inspecting the vehicle, our Mercedes specialists identified what was causing the leak. It was a small crack in the valve cover.

We spoke to Mrs J about the issue, and she gave us the “ok” to proceed with our recommended fix. At Fitch, we always get your permission before starting work on your vehicle.

Solving the issue

As we didn’t want the oil leak to cause issues down the line, we sourced a replacement valve cover and replaced the faulty part.

Once it was fitted, we thoroughly checked for any further leaks. After confirming the leak had stopped, our experts could proceed with the remainder of the Mercedes B service safety checks.

At Fitch Autos, we use only genuine or high-quality Mercedes parts during all our repairs to ensure your vehicle receives the quality it deserves.

During your Mercedes B service, our specialists check every inch of your vehicle, ensuring it’s roadworthy. We go above, and beyond the standard Mercedes servicing guidelines, so your Mercedes receives a quality service, keeping you on the road longer.

Mrs J’s C class passed all other safety tests, and our team of experts were happy to hand her keys back.

She was over the moon to have her car back within 4 hours!. This is something the main Mercedes dealership wouldn’t be able to offer. You often have to wait days, if not weeks, for your service (at which time, the hidden oil leak could have wreaked havoc).


Mrs J’s Mercedes C class needed its annual service, but she was unsure what type was required.

Luckily, at Fitch Autos, we have access to the same information as the main Mercedes dealership, allowing us to identify what service her vehicle needs.

Her C class needed the bi-annual Mercedes B service, which our experts know like the back of their hands.

A small oil leak was discovered during our additional (and free) service safety checks. The leak was caused by a crack in the valve cover.

We quickly sourced a genuine Mercedes replacement cover and fitted it. To ensure your vehicle receives the quality it needs, we only use genuine or high-quality Mercedes parts for all repairs.

Once the leak had stopped, and the service was completed, Mrs J was pleased to have her Mercedes back within 4 hours. She confidently drove out of our garage, knowing her vehicle was safe to drive.

If your Mercedes needs a service, but you’re unsure what type, speak to our experts at Fitch Autos.

Call our team on 01543 452 630 and book your Mercedes service.

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