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bmw suspension

BMW Suspension

Your BMW has amazing ride comfort, and handling and is filled with luxury features. BMWs, just like other cars, need routine maintenance and inspections. When it comes to suspension systems, it’s even more important as it affects both safety and handling.

As suspension systems are such crucial parts of your BMW, it’s put to work every time you drive. A good suspension system will find potholes no challenge and will ensure you experience smooth handling at all times.

At Fitch Autos, our customers come to us with suspension issues that need fixing. They experience poor handling and unusual noises coming from their suspension. This could be down to wear and tear where routine maintenance could have avoided it. Our BMW experts are on hand to assist with any suspension issues you may be facing thanks to our knowledge and experience.

In this blog, we find out why it’s important to maintain your BMW suspension, what issues you need to look out for and the risk of neglecting your suspension system and the consequences.

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bmw suspension

Why is BMW suspension Maintenance Important?

When servicing your BMW according to manufacturer guidelines, your suspension system should be performing its best, keeping you safe on the road.

Without the correct maintenance and servicing your BMW could experience:

  • Poor Handling
  • Worse Fuel Efficiency
  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Become Undriveable

At Fitch Autos, our team of BMW experts will get your suspension working as it should. We make sure your vehicle is performing its best thanks to our specialist knowledge and tools. 

If you need suspension fixes, reach out to our team today!

BMW Suspension Issues – What to Look out For

Your BMW suspension is usually sturdy. If you hit a pothole, object in the road or kerb, then it could become damaged. Plus, over time, your suspension is subject to normal wear and tear which reduces its effectiveness.

Some of the suspension issues that can experience in your BMW are:

  • Steering Problems: If you’re having difficulty steering or it feels stiff, heavy, or not quite right, it might be due to an issue with your car’s suspension. Don’t ignore it; contact our experts at Fitch Autos today.
  • Uneven Tyre Wear: Have you noticed that some of your tyres are wearing out faster than others? It could be a sign of problems like your suspension being out of alignment or issues with the shocks on your BMW.
  • Drifting or Pulling: If your car tends to pull to one side while you’re trying to drive straight, it could mean your wheels aren’t aligned correctly or there’s an issue with the suspension. Get in touch with Fitch Autos for help.
  • Too Much Bouncing: A good suspension system should keep your car from bouncing too much on bumpy roads. If you’re experiencing more bounce than usual, it might be an issue with your BMW’s shocks or springs. Contact Fitch Autos for a solution.
  • Unusual Noises: If you hear strange knocking or thudding sounds when driving over bumps or turning, it could be a problem with your suspension. For reliable advice, call Fitch Autos for expert assistance.
  • Vibrations While Driving: Is your BMW shaking or vibrating while you drive? This could be a sign of worn or damaged shock absorbers. Seek expert help from Fitch Autos.
  • Fluid Leaks: If you notice oily or wet spots under your BMW, it might suggest leaky shock absorbers, which can impact your car’s performance. Schedule a suspension check with our BMW specialists at Fitch Autos.
  • Visible Damage: Check your BMW for obvious signs of damage, such as bent or broken parts like control arms or bushings.
  • Uneven Vehicle: If one corner of your BMW is lower than the others, it indicates a suspension issue. Don’t wait, contact Fitch Autos immediately.
  • Dashboard Warnings: Modern BMWs have advanced suspension systems that use dashboard lights to alert you to any issues. If you see a warning, reach out to Fitch Autos for a quality, first-time fix.

To avoid costly and unwanted repairs, you should seek help as soon as you notice any of these signs. Contact our team of BMW experts at Fitch Autos today for a quality, first-time fix.

How Does My BMW Suspension System Work?

Your BMW suspension system ensures occupants are kept safe when driving over uneven surfaces and cornering. BMW vehicles have different suspension systems depending on when they were built and the model. Many recent BMWs have adjustable suspension systems which closely monitor the road surface and make micro-adjustments depending on the bumps in the road.

BMWs have many different suspension types at the front, which include:

MacPherson Strut is used in certain BMW models like the BMW Z4, although it’s not as widely used across the entire BMW range. This design is well-known for its efficient use of space, making it a suitable option for smaller vehicles in the BMW line-up.

In high-performance BMW models like the BMW M4 and X5, the double-wishbone suspension system is featured. This system allows each wheel to move independently, providing precise control and handling. Some BMW models, such as the X5, may also include additional air suspension to enhance the overall driving experience.

The Multi-Link Suspension, found in larger BMW models like the 5 Series, utilises four control arms on each side. This sophisticated setup allows for minor adjustments of camber, caster, and toe, resulting in exceptional handling and stability.

At the rear, BMW suspension is usually one of these types:

Double-Wishbone: Seen in high-performance cars like the BMW M3, the double-wishbone suspension lets each wheel move on its own, giving better handling.

Four-Link: Used in vehicles like the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, this setup has upper links and lower trailing arms, offering good axle travel and movement for improved performance.

Air Suspension: Found in certain BMW models, such as the BMW X5, the rear suspension system uses advanced air suspension tech. This smart feature improves the driving experience by using adjustable air springs that adapt to different road conditions. The rear air suspension not only makes the ride smoother but also allows for adjusting the ride height, making it more comfortable and enhancing performance for drivers.

Driving modes are customisable options for drivers who wish to change the way their BMW handles, they include:

  • Comfort Mode: Great for easy-going city drives or laid-back road trips, focusing on smooth steering, gentle acceleration, and a comfy suspension for a calm ride. 
  • Sport Mode: Tap into the car’s power for an enhanced drive. With quicker throttle response, accurate steering, and a sturdy suspension, it provides an energetic and concentrated driving experience.
  • Eco Pro Mode: Emphasising fuel economy, this mode significantly cuts down on fuel usage, ideal for extended journeys. It includes engine shutdown when still, a less sensitive accelerator pedal, and eco-tips on the dashboard for fuel-efficient driving habits.

At Fitch Autos we know all about BMW suspension systems and how to properly maintain them. If you need expert advice or assistance in maintaining your BMW suspension, call our team today!

What Causes Suspension Issues in BMWs?

BMW suspension systems, like most other components, will wear down. If your BMW has a lot of miles on the clock, you might see issues from tie rods, wheel bearings, control arm bushings, sway bar links and ball joints breaking down.

Many factors affect BMW suspension wear, they are:

  • Extreme driving conditions
  • Accelerating and braking heavily
  • Off-road driving
  • Potholes and bumps in the road

At Fitch Autos, our team of BMW experts are on hand to take proper care when handling your suspension system. We also prevent unwanted repair bills by fixing any issue before it gets worse.

If you would like the best quality care and attention for your BMW, reach out to Fitch Autos today!

Risks of Driving With A Faulty BMW Suspension System

If you have issues with your suspension system, then it poses a significant safety risk. Here’s what the potential consequences are:

  • Damaged Shock Absorbers: Fitch Autos advises against operating your BMW with damaged shock absorbers. Your car’s shocks are crucial for a smooth ride and are vital for the safety of your steering and other suspension parts. If your shocks are not in good condition, it can affect how your vehicle handles, potentially causing harm to other components.
  • Worn-out Springs: It’s not a good idea to drive with worn-out springs. If your springs are sagging or making strange noises, it can impact your wheel alignment, leading to uneven driving and poor control, especially at higher speeds.
  • Problems with Control Arms: Facing issues with your control arms? This could result in unpredictable handling and faster tyre wear. Prioritise your safety and get in touch with Fitch Autos for assistance.

Our BMW experts have seen it all when it comes to suspension systems. We have specialist knowledge and extensive experience in fixing BMW suspension issues. We always provide a quality, first-time fix for our customers. 

If you need expert advice, repairs, or services for your BMW, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for help.

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