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Vauxhall Service Wolverhampton

Searching for a quality Vauxhall service Wolverhampton? If so, our Vauxhall specialists at Fitch Autos can help. At Fitch Autos, our seasoned Vauxhall experts can work on all models, including Astra, Adam, Vectra, Mokka, and all others too.


Save ££s on dealer prices

  • Our exceptional service is reflected in over 300 five-star Google reviews, higher than the main Vauxhall Wolverhampton dealer.
  • 12-Month Parts and Labour Warranty - You get a one-year guarantee on all parts and labour when you choose us.
  • Exceptional Value - You always get better than dealership value with us.
  • Genuine Vauxhall Parts - We only use genuine Vauxhall or high-quality alternatives for all repairs, maintenance, and servicing.
  • Use our free courtesy car while your Vauxhall is serviced.
  • Manage your finances more comfortably with our 0% finance plans.
  • Trust your Vauxhall with our specialists, who use decades of experience and our 15-step diagnostic process to solve all issues.
  • Convenient Location - Find us away from the hustle and bustle of city centre traffic.
Vauxhall Service Wolverhampton

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Vauxhall experts - specialist technicians

Our Vauxhall specialists are equipped with the expertise to tackle any issue your Vauxhall might face. Whether it’s a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) issue, turbo fault, or something else, we can help.

Our 15-step diagnostic process allows our Vauxhall experts to identify and solve even the most minor problems. You save time, stress, and money on future repair bills. Who doesn’t want that?

You even get a 12-month warranty on all parts and labour, ensuring your vehicle’s peak performance.

Book your Vauxhall service today at Fitch Autos.

Vauxhall Service Wolverhampton

What happens during a Vauxhall service? What do you check/replace?


Lighting and Visibility: We assess your Vauxhall’s lighting systems, ensuring they work at their best. Our specialists review your vehicle’s windows, mirrors and windscreen wipers to ensure they function optimally. We also examine your vehicle’s registration plates to ensure they’re visible and securely attached.


Under Bonnet Review: Our in-depth under-bonnet review spots any potential leaks or faults, along with checking the efficiency of your vehicle’s components. We replace air filters, oil filters, spark plugs, and drive belts as required. Call Fitch Autos for a thorough Vauxhall service Wolverhampton.


Interior Assessment: At Fitch Autos, we review your Vauxhall’s seatbelts for optimal safety using the latest standards. All interior controls are assessed for optimal functionality. Our specialists conduct a comprehensive system review, including your air conditioning and will correct any dashboard warning messages. Your driver’s displays are adjusted if necessary.


Steering, Transmission, and Suspension: Our Vauxhall specialists examine your Vauxhall’s entire steering system, focusing on wheel alignment, joints, gaiters, and bearings to ensure they’re safe, reliable and optimal. Your shock absorbers and road springs are also assessed. Call Fitch Autos for a comprehensive Vauxhall service Wolverhampton.


Brake Inspection: Fitch Autos conducts a comprehensive assessment of your Vauxhall’s braking system, adhering to the latest safety protocols. Keep your brakes in peak condition with our expert Vauxhall service Wolverhampton.


Under Vehicle: We remove your trays and drain your engine oil, allowing our experts to examine under your Vauxhall for any rust, corrosion, or leaks. Book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton with our expert team today.


Tyre Examination: We inspect your tyres, wheels, and wheel nuts for signs of wear and corrosion. All tyre pressures are adjusted if required. We even assess your emergency inflation kit and spare wheel. Call Fitch Autos to book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton.


Final Checks: We test your Vauxhall’s brake fluid and antifreeze levels to ensure your road safety (especially during winter). An oil change is also performed to boost your engine’s performance and efficiency. Keep your Vauxhall in peak condition; book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton today.

What type of service does my Vauxhall need?

All vehicles have their own servicing schedule; your Vauxhall is no exception. You can usually find this information in your vehicle owner’s handbook.

Most newer models might have a notification system which will alert you on your vehicle’s dashboard, indicating when your next service is due.

At Fitch Autos, our experts recommend getting your Vauxhall serviced once every year to keep it performing at its best.

If you’re struggling to keep on top of when your next Vauxhall service is due, our specialists at Fitch Autos can help. We’ll help you establish a suitable servicing plan for your car.

After performing a service on your Vauxhall, we always update your service history. This helps keep your Vauxhall warranty valid and boosts the resale value.

Contact Fitch Autos today to arrange a Vauxhall service Wolverhampton.

Vauxhall Service Wolverhampton

Why should I service my Vauxhall?


Safety: At Fitch Autos, your safety is our top priority. We use Vauxhall’s manufacturing specifications during each service. Skipping regular services can cause minor issues to develop into something worse (and costly), increasing the chances of breakdowns. Our experts perform detailed inspections, ensuring your vehicle’s safety is never compromised.


Savings: While skipping a service might appear to save money initially, it usually leads to more expensive repairs down the road. Our Vauxhall service Wolverhampton finds and fixes issues before they need costly repairs. Keep repair costs down with our Vauxhall service Wolverhampton; call Fitch Autos today.


Reliability: Looking to keep your Vauxhall reliable? Our Vauxhall service Wolverhampton, addresses minor faults early, keeping you on the road for longer. Regular upkeep is crucial for maintaining the peak performance of your Vauxhall. Call Fitch Autos for all your Vauxhall service needs.


Longevity: Our Wolverhampton service enhances your vehicle’s efficiency, positively impacting fuel economy, performance, and overall longevity. Book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton today at Fitch Autos and improve your vehicle’s longevity.

Book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton at Fitch Autos today.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my Vauxhall service?

At Fitch Autos, we believe in honesty and transparency. You’re always kept in the know from start to finish.

After your Vauxhall’s initial assessment, our Vauxhall specialist will call you to discuss any findings and any recommended work. Once we have the green light from you, we’ll start the work. You’re always in the driving seat.

Stay in the know; book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton today at Fitch Autos.

Fitch Autos
MOT Walsall Flexible Payment Fitch Autos

Finance options

Split the cost of an unexpected repair bill with our 0% finance payment options. Ask about it when you call our team.

Fitch Autos Payment Plan


At Fitch Autos, we offer various services suited to all budgets. We accept all cards; you only pay once the work is completed and when you’re completely happy. Call our team for more information.

Free courtesy car

Use our free courtesy car while our specialists service your Vauxhall. Ask us about it when you call.

Book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton at Fitch Autos today.


We’re located in Brownhills, away from the busy high street traffic.

Why travel to the main Vauxhall Wolverhampton dealership when you can get better value while skipping the traffic with us? Beats us.

Book your Vauxhall service Wolverhampton today; call Fitch Autos for all your vehicle’s needs.


  • Philip Pymm

    23rd February 2024

    Fixed difficult to diagnose problem with my diesel Passat. Hire car while car being fixed was convenient and economic. Will definitely use again.

  • Divya Jambula

    22nd February 2024

    I had issues with DPF filter on my Range Rover Velar. Engine management light and DPF Filter symbol came up which says Exhaust Filter Full, visit dealer. It really worried me as the dealers would charge extortionate prices for the diagnosis and repairs.Holly, answered the call, took the details of the issue and offered an appointment next day, offered me a courtesy car too. I was informed that... Read More

  • Paul Willetts

    21st February 2024

    Friendly staff very helpful and polite


    16th January 2024

    Was a very positive experience, and staff is very polite and helpful. Any additional faults were also rectified. Photos were sent of additional faults that needed sorting as an option for peace of mind. Very honest and trustworthy. Very reasonable price for the problem i bought my car in for. Would definitely reccomend fitch autos. Will also be bringing my car back for services.

  • Paul Cowdrill

    9th January 2024

    Had a problem with my car over Christmas. Phoned Fitch, spoke to Holly, who was very friendly, very knowledgeable, and kept me informed at every step. Went above and beyond to help me with my car. Even though it was far from where I live. It was worth it the extra mileage to get there. I shall DEFINITELY be using Fitch again should my car develop a problem. I HIGHLY recommend this garage.

  • Alex Dodd

    7th January 2024

    Took Audi Q2 into Fitch for a service and two new tyres. Let me use a courtesy car for the day. Excellent service and good value. Lovely staff on front desk. Would use again.

  • Richard “Tricky Dicky”

    5th January 2024

    Very help and friendly staff and would recommend to others.

  • elizabeth wootton

    3rd November 2023

    Friendly, trustworthy, and very efficient service, highly recommended.

  • Jon Allen

    3rd November 2023

    Great customer service from start to finish. Very clear in the work required and pricing appropriate to the level of service provided

  • Chris Robbins

    27th October 2023

    Another very detailed service on my Mercedes E class and they also spotted a very deep cut in front near side tyre that needed immediate replacement for safety. Well pleased😄

  • Nick

    24th October 2023

    Great, easy and friendly customer service again to book and arrange & also way cheaper to get my 4 year GLC service done than at Mercedes main dealer. Courtesy car provided FOC & also my car fully cleaned and hoovered on hand back. Highly recommend.

  • Jacqui McIntosh

    20th October 2023

    Having come from a very distressed situation from a car company that I can’t disclose, who have messed me around for 9 months with my Range Rover, I found Fitch motors to be most helpful and most professional in their dealing with me. If you have a problem with your car these are your people. The team at the office were so lovely and knowledgeable, the mechanical diagnostics were on point... Read More

  • leslie ensor

    31st August 2023

    Very helpful, clear information from dropping car off to picking back up
    Will be having my two cars serviced etc at this garage from now on
    "Excellent " !!

  • Tudor Bardi

    31st August 2023

    They are professionals and
    I am happy that they do their job well. I recommend.

  • Luke O'neill

    29th August 2023

    1st. class professional service

  • Kevin Litherland

    24th August 2023

    Had a gearbox service on my car , reception staff a joy to talk to, any extra work needed was pointed out to me with no hard sell to get it done. Car was returned cleaner than I had dropped it off with a clean inside and out , courtesy car was a bonus , will definitely be using fitch autos for all my motoring needs.

  • stef arber

    3rd December 2022

    Great communication

  • Jacqui Berry

    2nd December 2022

    Great and prompt service and the staff are really helpful

  • Suzi Rigby

    2nd December 2022

    Fit me in quickly, half the price of a main dealer... literally and staff were pleasant and helpful too. If you have to wait for your vehicle, they have a nice spacious, clean waiting area too

  • Ivor Wilkes

    30th November 2022

  • Phil Arundale

    17th November 2022

    Second time at Fitch (14/11/22). Warning light came on. Neil got me in as an emergency and the problem was sorted within 30 minutes.

    Once again, excellent service.

    Thank you.

    First time I have used Fitch for service and Mot and I will certainly use them again. Highly professional, good value for money. When there was a major warning light on my car, Neil brought my... Read More

  • Rachael Priddle

    15th November 2022

    My car was towed to Fitch Autos (RAC approved garage) due to breakdown of the fuel pump. They secured an appointment within a day and started work immediately. They informed me every step of the way with an online portal, which was fantastic as you could choose the work needed for your budget - highly recommend this system as it puts you in control with the repairs. Everything was done to a... Read More

  • Simon Ankrett

    7th September 2022

    Excellent service,
    Found a problem with my breaks that 3 other garages could find after 2 years of trying. It was a simple proses in the end for Fitch.Had a full service which was great and they also send you photos of what needs to be done with the option of having them all fixed or some of them, but at the same time making sure your vehicle is safe to drive if something more serious... Read More

  • Joanne Deakin

    10th August 2022

    I was really happy with the service I received from Fitch Autos. I was having an issue with my gears crunching intermittently. The technician inspected my vehicle for several hours to try and identify the fault. On this occasion the issue didn’t present itself and the technician was really honest with me and helpful. Also the garage kindly didn’t charge me for the time they had spent... Read More

  • Alison Poole

    10th August 2022

    A very professional company who managed to diagnose an ongoing problem I had that previous garages could not solve. They booked me in quickly and provided a courtesy car which meant there was minimal disruption to my working week. The repairs were carried out and the vehicle is running perfectly. In addition other items were flagged that will need attention in the future. Thank you i will... Read More

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