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Land Rover Brake Fluid

Land Rover Brake Fluid

If you want to make sure your Land Rover is safe, then your brakes need to be working properly. You need to ensure that your brake fluid is maintained to keep your brakes in top condition for your safety and the safety of other road users.

At Fitch Autos, we know how important brake fluid is when it comes to maintaining your Land Rover. Brake fluid has lubricating properties, reduces friction, and avoids components breaking down.

Our team of Land Rover experts have compiled the ultimate guide to properly understand and maintain your brake fluid.

We cover how contaminated or dirty brake fluid affects your vehicle, and how you can check the condition of your brake fluid at home. For any brake fluid service, we recommend seeking professional help from our team at Fitch Autos.

Read on to find out more about your Land Rover brake fluid!

Land Rover Brake Fluid

What Land Rover Brake Fluid Does

Brake fluid forms a key part of your hydraulic brake system. It’s designed to move the force from a driver pressing the brake pedal to the brakes to help slow down your Land Rover.

The most important functions of your Land Rover braking system are:

  • Hydraulic Transmission: When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid transfers the force to the brake pads. This process generates the necessary friction to slow down and halt your vehicle when needed.
  • Temperature Regulation: Braking produces a significant amount of heat through friction. One of the brake fluid properties is a high boiling point, which helps manage heat to prevent brake failure. Additionally, it ensures consistent braking performance under various driving conditions.
  • Maintenance of Parts and Corrosion Prevention: Brake fluid also plays a crucial role in lubricating mobile components such as pistons and seals within the brake system. It aids in protecting your braking elements from rust and contributes to preventing system failures.

Regularly maintaining your Land Rover brake fluid, by following manufacturer recommendations for your model and model year, is vital in keeping you safe on the road and for optimal braking performance.

At Fitch Autos, our team of experts specialise in Land Rover vehicles. If you need your Land Rover serviced, inspected, repaired, or maintained properly, then reach out to our excellent team!

Keeping on top of your brake maintenance is essential for reducing stress, and spending lots on repairs, and time in the garage in the future. At Fitch Autos you get the dealership level service at a better rate.

Ideal, right?

Call us at Fitch Autos today for your next brake fluid service!

Land Rover Brake Fluid

What Happens When You Have Dirty Or Low Brake Fluid

If you have low or dirty brake fluid in your Land Rover, it could affect your braking ability and compromise your safety.

Here’s how:

  • Reduced Braking Power: When the level of brake fluid is low, there may not be sufficient fluid to activate the brakes fully. This can lead to longer stopping distances and less control over your Land Rover, significantly compromising your safety.
  • Potential Brake Failure: In situations where brake fluid levels are low, there is a risk of air entering the brake system. Unlike brake fluid, air can be compressed when pressure is applied, resulting in a soft brake pedal and diminished braking ability, commonly known as brake fade. In severe instances, this could even lead to complete brake failure.
  • Concerns About Contamination: Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated with moisture, dirt, debris, and particles from brake wear. Contaminated fluid may fail to lubricate and protect essential components of your braking system adequately. This can cause damage to seals and impact crucial parts such as cylinders, callipers, and ABS systems.
  • Potential Overheating: Brake fluid that is contaminated and has a high moisture content may experience a lowered boiling point. During intense braking or challenging driving conditions, the brake fluid may reach a boiling point, leading to a vapour lock. This creates air bubbles in the brake system, resulting in bad braking performance and an unresponsive brake pedal.

You should inspect your brake fluid regularly to make sure that the safety and effectiveness of your Land Rover braking system are not compromised. Keeping your brake fluid level within the recommended range and replacing it during regular service intervals is essential in removing contaminants and for optimal braking performance.

If you have low brake fluid or think your brake fluid is contaminated, call our team of experts at Fitch Autos. With our Land Rover experience, we have the technical expertise to get your brake system back working quickly and efficiently as it should. Call us today for the best service, at better-than-dealer value.

Land Rover Brake Fluid Check

To ensure your brake fluid is in optimal working condition, we always suggest you reach out to experts. Our team at Fitch Autos are on hand to help check and service your Land Rover to keep you safe.

Brake Fluid Condition And Maintenance Are Essential

With your brake system relying on your brake fluid for peak performance, ensuring it is in excellent condition and replaced regularly will go a long way in preventing unwanted repairs in the future.

Brake fluid is designed to lubricate components, reduce corrosion, and protect components from increased wear. Leaving your brake fluid alone will result in high repair bills, and an unsafe Land Rover and can damage essential parts like brake lines, callipers, and master cylinders. 

A poor-quality brake fluid, or fluid that is contaminated with grime will be less effective when you need it most. As your Land Rover braking distance increases, it will be hard to brake effectively. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep a close watch on the condition and level of your brake fluid.

It is always essential to seek professional help when it comes to braking systems, particularly brake fluid, as any wrong move could have catastrophic consequences. At Fitch Autos, our team of Land Rover experts have decades of experience when it comes to braking systems and our team is ready to expertly take care of your Land Rover, no matter what the issue.

We promise better than dealer value without compromising on service. With a comprehensive brake fluid system check, replacement and only using high-quality brake fluid recommended by Land Rover during every service.

Call our team of Land Rover experts today for a quality brake fluid replacement and service!

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