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Do you have a fault light on or an electrical issue?

Fitch Autos is the place for you.

We’re specialists in vehicle diagnosis, and have steadily built the reputation of being one of the best at vehicle diagnostics in the whole of the UK. And, that’s not easy.

Our team of highly skilled technicians, combined with innovative tooling and a deep knowledge bank, means if you’re after a car diagnostic evaluation around Brownhills or indeed the West Midlands, we’re the place for you.

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What Our Customers Say About Fitch Autos

Don't you just plug in a computer?

If only it was that easy!

We do use computers to help us evaluate your problem. However, one fault code could have a ton of causes, which is why every stage of our car diagnostic is essential.

What’s involved in a car diagnostic?


By consulting with you, we’ll gather important first-point information to help our technicians


Next, we’ll inspect your vehicle with you to help you understand what we think the problem is


All vehicle computer systems are interrogated for current and historic faults


This is where we get innovative, using technical product bulletins to help us discover any known issues such as the current software updates


Relevant system data evaluation lets our technician highlight anomalies and identify which tests are needed


We’ll consult our technical information systems to identify test specifications


With all this new information, tests are now undertaken using serial data tools, oscilloscopes, pressure and flow gauges and more. This is where we get geeky!


With the test results in hand, we can make an accurate assessment of your problem, at which time we’ll call you to discuss our analysis and the next steps.

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How much does a car diagnostic evaluation cost?

Naturally, every vehicle is different depending on what tests need doing. However, the initial evaluation is £120 inc VAT.

But, don’t worry. If we need to do additional tests, we’ll contact you to discuss it before going any further.

Why Fitch Autos?

Well, we’re specialists in car diagnostics. Over the last few years we’ve developed an awesome reputation for being the best in the business when it comes to the technology in your car. Ultimately, our team are a bunch of geeks, and love nothing more than getting techy to discover problems. Put that skill, with our passion, at an awesome price…

That’s why Fitch Autos is right for you. You’ll get the best!

And, we’re super convenient if you’re near Clayhanger, Walsall Wood, Norton Canes, Burntwood, Pelsall, Stonnall, Shenstone, Little Wyrley, Great Wyrley, Cannock, Lichfield, Little Hay, Aldridge, Brownhills and the surrounding areas.

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Fitch Autos Payment Plan

Payment Plan

We have a flexible payment plan, which lets you pay 25% on the day, and the rest over the course of 3 months.

Free vehicle collection service means we’ll pick up your car in the morning, then drop it off once we’re finished later that day

Free Vehicle Collection Service

Our free vehicle collection service means we’ll pick up your car in the morning, then drop it off once we’re finished later that day.

By the time you’re back from work, you’ll have a car sat outside that you know is safe and raring to go!