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BMW Steering Problems

BMW Steering Problems

BMWs are famous for their high performance and excellent handling. The way your BMW drives and responds is influenced by its steering system.

The steering system can wear down over time, reducing its effectiveness. Without a properly functioning steering system, your driving safety is compromised.

Our team of BMW experts at Fitch Autos are here to help with any steering issues you may be experiencing in your vehicle. If you notice any issues in your BMW steering system, be sure to reach out to our expert team today.

This blog uncovers the common faults with BMW steering systems, explaining how they work and why proper maintenance is essential in preventing steering issues.

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BMW Steering Problems

How BMW Steering Systems Work

Nowadays, BMWs are equipped with power steering which aids the driver by reducing the force needed to turn the steering wheel. Power steering systems have been around for several decades, helping improve handling and comfort at different speeds.

Despite their complexity, power steering systems can have the same basic components and can generally be broken down into the following sub-systems:

  1. Steering Wheel: The steering wheel controls where the car goes.
  2. Steering Column: When the driver turns the wheel, a connected shaft on the steering column turns too.
  3. Steering Gearbox: Older cars might have hydraulic power steering gearboxes. However many new models use electric power steering (EPS). This EPS system uses an electric motor instead of hydraulic pressure for steering help. The motor is controlled by the car’s onboard computer.
  4. Steering Sensors: Different sensors watch the driver’s steering and the car’s speed. These sensors include the steering angle sensor and vehicle speed sensor. They give important information to the car’s control unit.
  5. Control Unit: The control unit uses data from the sensors to figure out how much steering input is needed. By adjusting the electric motor’s output, it gives the right amount of assistance. This adapts to the car’s speed, the weather, and how the driver is driving.
  6. Assistive Force: Electric motors help drivers steer. This makes turning the steering wheel easier, especially at low speeds or when parking. The system may reduce help at higher speeds to improve driver control and stability.
  7. Safety Features: Steering systems have safety additions. Examples include lane-keeping assist, adaptive steering, and driver assistance systems. These help with staying in the correct lane, keeping a safe distance, and assisting with parking.

For superior handling, your BMW steering system helps provide drivers with a comfortable ride, precise handling, and overall safety. 

With driver assistance systems in place to prevent accidents and adapt to driving conditions to maintain contact between the wheels and the road. Your steering system setup ultimately depends on your BMW model and model year.

What Causes BMW Steering Noises?

If you experience an unusual sound when turning your steering wheel, then there could be an issue.

The most common BMW steering system faults are:

  • Low Power Steering Fluid Level: If there’s not enough power steering fluid, you might hear a whining or groaning sound when you turn the steering wheel.
  • Worn-out Power Steering Pump: Noise problems can happen if the power steering pump wears out or fails. A pump that’s seen better days might make whining or squealing sounds.
  • Damaged Power Steering Hoses: Steering issues and noise can come from hoses that are cracked or broken, causing fluid leaks. If there’s a leak in the hoses, you might hear a hissing sound.
  • Issues with Steering Gearbox or Rack: If you hear clunking or knocking sounds while steering, it could mean there’s a problem with the steering rack or gearbox. You might need to check and possibly replace these parts.
  • Wear on Tie Rods or Ball Joints: Worn ball joints and tie rod ends can create clicking or clunking sounds when you turn the steering wheel. It’s crucial to ensure these parts are properly connected to the wheels for good control of the steering system.
  • Problems Related to tyres: Uneven or damaged tyre wear can cause noise when steering. Regularly checking and inflating tyres is important to prevent these issues.
  • Not Enough Lubrication: If the steering components, like the steering column and universal joints, lack lubrication, you may hear creaking or squeaking sounds.
  • Damage to the Steering Column: Some steering noises could be from issues within the steering column itself, like loose or damaged parts. Regular checks are advised to deal with this.

Once you notice unusual steering sounds in your BMW, we suggest you reach out to our experts at Fitch Autos. Our specialist team will diagnose the issue using our superior knowledge and tools to then expertly fix the issue, keeping your BMW safe on the road. Ignoring the problem could only make it worse and it will compromise your vehicle safety.

Are Steering Noises A Safety Risk?

If you have steering noises that seem unusual, and your dashboard is lit up with warning lights and messages, then your safety could be compromised, and you should not drive any further. Your BMW is telling you that you need to take your vehicle in for inspection and repair because of a fault in the steering system and driving it any further can be dangerous and cause accidents.

We suggest that you consult our team of experts for help. With a vast knowledge of all BMW steering systems, we are the one-stop-shop when it comes to diagnosing the issue and can advise you on whether it’s safe to continue driving, or we will suggest a suitable repair to not compromise your safety.

Maintenance of BMW Steering Systems

Steering systems in BMW vehicles are carefully engineered to deliver precise handling and comfort. Attempting to maintain and repair your steering is not advised, and we recommend consulting professionals if you need steering system inspections or repairs.

With a specialist workshop and team, Fitch Autos is dedicated to getting your BMW back working optimally and safe to drive. Thanks to our decades of combined experience, we expertly help BMW owners in the local area with routine maintenance and repairs.

If you perform regular maintenance and inspections then you can help prevent leaks, see issues early and prevent unwanted repair bills later down the line.

We inspect and repair BMW vehicles no matter the issue. We perform wheel alignments, brake and tyre installations, suspension maintenance, and power steering fluid replacements to keep your BMW in top shape. Using only BMW genuine or high-quality alternative parts during our repairs and services, Fitch Autos helps protect your vehicle by only following BMW repair routines.

Whether you have a strange sound coming from your steering system or simply need a routine service, we have you covered. Call our team of BMW experts today at Fitch Autos and have your BMW repaired and back on the road in no time. Book your appointment today!

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