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BMW 420 Headlight

BMW 420 Angel Eye Fault 

Angel eye, or Halo, headlights were first introduced by BMW in 2000.  Not only were they there to give the front end a new ultra-modern look, but they also meant that the vehicle could have daytime running lights as well as evening lights.

The design was popular, and BMW soon made the desired lights an additional extra; a customisation piece. So when you have paid for the privilege of having angel eye headlights, you want them to work.

Here at Fitch Autos BMW Garage, we have worked with BMW for over 40 years and have seen the changes first hand.  And with that, we have also seen common faults and problems that arise.  

So when a trade client of ours brought a BMW 420 to our BMW specialists asking for help with his headlights, we happily agreed.  The client told us that he had previously changed the headlight driver module, so he brought it to Fitch BMW Garage to have the module programmed in, which should mean the headlight would then work.

But this wasn’t the case.  Even with our BMW specialists programming the new headlight driver module, it still didn’t work.  So we need to do some further investigation.

BMW 420 Headlight


Part of our BMW Service here at Fitch Autos uses our 15 step evaluation process alongside our years of experience to understand the vehicle entirely and get to the root cause, fixing the problem once and for all.

Our initial investigation of the BMW 420 was completed. The only faults found were a coding issue with the right headlight and an additional undetected fault with the LED unit for the right headlight.  The rest of the car was in excellent condition, so we concentrated on getting the client back on the road with a fully functioning BMW 420.

Our BMW Specialist technicians performed the coding and a software update to see if the new driver module needed coding, but unfortunately, the driver module would still not code. 

So we turned to our previous experience working with BMW angel eye headlights, along with technical data provided by BMW.

BMW 420 Headlight

We removed the right headlight and inspected the unit for faults. The keen eye of one of our technicians realised that the wrong driver module was fitted to the new headlight that the client had fitted themselves only recently.  As a BMW garage, we only use genuine BMW parts in all our BMW service and repairs, and so we replaced the driver module with a genuine BMW part and were then able to code the module as initially requested.

Completing our 15 step evaluation we could now show that the headlight had now been coded successfully and the driver module was working correctly.  However, there was still a fault with the LED section of the headlight.

Our next step was to complete a visual inspection and electrical check to all the wiring within the headlight unit.  This was all in working order, so we knew we had it narrowed down to the LED unit itself.

Removing the bumper and gaining access to the LED modules at the bottom of the headlights meant we could better understand the problem.  Our BMW specialists noticed evidence of water in the LED modules, which would explain the fault.

BMW 420 Headlight

Our team switched the LED modules between the right and left, re-tested and confirmed the LED module was indeed damaged.  The problem had now moved from to the left!

We replaced the faulty LED module with genuine BMW Service parts, put the front bumper back, and re-coded the angel eye headlights.  We confirmed that the update had resolved all the faults with another diagnostic check, and the BMW 420 was ready to be returned to the client in complete working order.  The car was returned to the client within 24 hours, allowing our client to return to his business, knowing that our team had resolved the fault entirely.

BMW 420 Headlight    


Without the expertise and knowledge of the BMW brand, this could have been a much longer fix, costing the client extra time and money.  But it is because of our specialist technicians, that our clients keep using Fitch Autos for all their BMW Service and repair needs.

With client safety as our priority, our clients feel reassured that they have made the right choice in Fitch Autos.    Offering peace of mind and great value for money keeps us known as the go-to BMW Garage in Walsall.

If you would like to book your BMW service or have any other questions, please get in touch with us on 01543 452 630, and one of our BMW specialist technicians will be more than happy to help.

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