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Fitch Autos have been carrying out MOT’s in Brownhills for many years and we’re here to help your car pass the MOT First Time which is why we’ve put together our MOT Checklist for you.

With this MOT checklist, you’ll give your vehicle the best chance of passing the MOT first time saving you money.

Helping your car pass its MOT test

Over 1 million vehicles fail the MOT due to simple items, items such as washer fluid, and faulty bulbs. It’s not unusual for you to be able to rectify these yourself and that’s what the following checklist is there to do. Take two minutes to whizz through the list and your car has a much higher chance of passing the MOT first time.

1 – Front Lights

Take a look at your front lights to ensure that they’re clean and function correctly. Check your side lights (normally the first position on your light switch) dip beam and main beam next comes your indicators and then your hazards.

2 – Rear Lights

You’ll need a friend to assist with the next step. Press the brake pedal and make sure that all brake lights work including a high-level strip light if fitted, follow this with indicators and hazards.

3 – Number Plates

Making sure that both number plates are clean, a speedy wipe over with a cloth will make a big difference if they’re not. If you have a private plate then ensure it meets the legal requirements on the font used and spacing.

4 – Wheels and Tyres

Take a look at your wheels and tyres to check for damage.

The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm. If a tyre is below this across the centre ¾ of the tread width (around the entire circumference) then it’ll fail. Not to worry though as we always have great deals on tyres at Fitch Autos

5 – Seats and Seatbelts

Ensure that the driver’s seat moves backwards, forwards and locks in position. Also take a look at your seat belts making sure that there is no damage along their length, that the belt is secure and locks in position and retracts when required.

Also, check that the buckle latches in the locking mechanism and releases when required.

6 – Windscreen

It always helps to have a good view of where you’re going so we’ll take a look at the windscreen next. Make sure there is no damage larger than 10mm in the driver’s line of sight, or 40mm where the wipers sweep the screen. If there is then check your insurance as you may have windscreen cover and be able to remedy that fault prior to bringing your vehicle to us.

7 – Washers and Wipers

Make sure your washers have sufficient fluid to clean the screen. It’s also worth taking a look to ensure that your wiper blades are in good condition as any tears or holes could be a failure. If you find an issue just let us know when you book as we keep all the common sizes in stock.

8 – Horn

A quick push on your horn should emit a warning loud enough to be heard by other road users. Ensure yours is as close to standard as possible as bells, sirens, twin tone and musical horns are not allowed.

9 – Oil and Fuel Levels

We’ll need to have your engine running whilst we carry out your MOT. Taking a quick look at your oil level (refer to your handbook on how to do this) to make sure it’s correctly filled will allow us to start the test.

Also please make sure that you have sufficient fuel in your car to make it through the test. We’ll have had three shredded wheat for breakfast but we’d rather not have to push your car from the ramp ?

10 – Warning Lights

Ok, so you’re almost done. One last thing to take a look at. You’ll have noticed warning lights that illuminate and extinguish as you turn the ignition on, some of these are covered in the MOT.

Ensure that you don’t have warning lights on for your safety restraint, electronic stability control, anti-lock braking, tyre pressure monitoring, and engine management systems.

We’re here to help

Well done for taking a few minutes to give your car the best chance of passing the MOT. If you found an issue along the way that’s not a DIY fix then not to worry as our team at Fitch Autos in Brownhills are here to help and get your car through its MOT painlessly.

If you’ve found an issue and would appreciate some advice, or you’d like to book your vehicle in for its MOT test then give us a call today.

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