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Audi Power Steering Fluid

Audi Power Steering Fluid 

When you invest in an Audi, you’re choosing a vehicle renowned for its precision, outstanding performance, and luxurious feel. 

One part of what makes your Audi perform optimally is the power steering system. This system is designed to ensure steering your Audi is a smooth, effortless experience, improving handling, performance and safety.

But what if your power steering isn’t performing as it should?

Central to your power steering system’s health is the power steering fluid. This fluid is essential – it lubricates your system’s moving parts, reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, and helps prevent corrosion in areas such as the steering gears and pumps.

Throughout this guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary checks to maintain your Audi’s power steering system in top condition. We’ll also show you how to recognise the early signs that it’s time to top up or change your Audi’s power steering fluid.

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Audi Power Steering Fluid

An Introduction to Power Steering Fluid

The Audi 5000, known in some regions as the Audi 100 or 200, was a premier luxury executive car produced between 1977 and 1991. It gained recognition in the automotive world for its cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design.

One of the vehicle’s main highlights was its advanced power steering system.

This system revolutionised Audi’s drivability by using hydraulic assistance. The hydraulic assistance dramatically reduced the effort required to turn the steering wheel, making it far easier to manoeuvre the vehicle. 

This innovation marked a significant milestone in the development of power steering fluids. In the 1980s, it was pretty standard for mineral-based fluids to be used. However, with advancements in technology, the 1990s saw a shift towards synthetic-based fluids.

Today, most modern Audi models are equipped with fully synthetic power steering fluids, optimising their performance and efficiency.

Why Are Audi Power Steering Fluids Important?

Keeping your Audi’s power steering system in peak condition is vital for optimal performance.

Here’s why high-quality power steering fluid and regular maintenance are crucial:

Smooth Steering Experience: The power steering fluid in your Audi serves as a lubricant for key components like pistons, valves, hoses, and the power steering pump. This lubrication is essential for a smooth, easy steering experience, significantly enhancing your overall driving experience.

Steering Components Protection: Your Audi’s power steering fluid plays a pivotal role in reducing wear and tear on the steering system’s parts. It also helps prevent corrosion. Keeping your fluid at the correct level and free from contaminants like dirt is key to maintaining the system’s efficiency.

Longevity and Cost Savings: Regular checks and maintenance of your Audi’s power steering fluid can help you spot and solve any power steering problems your vehicle may have early. This proactive approach prevents significant damage while saving you from expensive future repair costs.

At Fitch Autos, our team of Audi specialists possess the expertise and skills necessary to keep your power steering system in top shape. Call Fitch Autos today for better than dealership servicing from our experts.

Symptoms of Low Power Steering Fluid

If you notice any issues with your Audi’s power steering fluid, it could be a sign that it’s time for a maintenance check. Here are some common indicators to watch out for:

Heavy Steering: You may find your steering wheel is more difficult to turn, particularly at lower speeds or when parking, requiring extra effort.

Steering Noises: A depleted level of power steering fluid might cause your car to make whining or groaning sounds while you steer. It’s especially noticeable at lower speeds. If you encounter this issue, contact our Audi experts at Fitch Autos for a first-time fix.

Irregular Steering: The steering may feel inconsistent, shaky, and not as smooth as usual, affecting the control of your Audi.

Fluid Leaks: If you notice puddles or stains under your Audi, this could indicate a power steering fluid leak. Reach out to Fitch Autos for a reliable, first-time fix.

Dashboard Warning: In most modern Audi models, if your vehicle has a low amount of power steering fluid, it might trigger an alert on your dashboard. Don’t overlook this warning.

Should you encounter any of these symptoms, it’s important to have your Audi’s power steering system checked by a professional.

At Fitch Autos, our team of Audi experts is ready to assist. They’re dedicated to keeping your Audi’s steering in a safe working condition.

We’ll identify any issues and perform the necessary repairs, fluid refills, or replacements to get your car back on the road swiftly and safely. All during the first fix. What more could you ask for?

Contact our team today to book your Audi power steering check-up.

What Is the Best Way to Check Audi Steering Fluid?

At Fitch Autos, we always recommend using experts to service your Audi’s power steering fluid, but we understand that some Audi enthusiasts might want to check the fluid themselves.

Here’s a straightforward guide if you’re looking to do it on your own:

  1. Start by parking your Audi on a level surface and turning the engine off. Open the bonnet and make sure it’s firmly supported.
  2. You’ll usually find the power steering reservoir on the passenger side, but its exact location can differ between models. Look for a cap marked “power steering” or “steering fluid”. Unfortunately the cap’s colour may vary depending on your Audi model.
  3. Carefully unscrew the cap in a counterclockwise direction to access the reservoir.
  4. You’ll notice ‘min’ and ‘max’ level markings inside. Check that the fluid level in your Audi is above the ‘min’ line. If it’s not, our experienced team at Fitch Autos can top it up for you, it’s not a problem.
  5. Also, assess the quality of your vehicle’s power steering fluid. If it appears dark, cloudy or has particles in it, it’s time for a check-up with our specialists.

For details specific to your model, refer to your Audi’s owner’s manual.

At Fitch Autos our specialists offer a thorough power steering fluid replacement service. As your local independent Audi experts in the area, we ensure that only premium quality fluids are used on your vehicle. This provides your Audi with the quality it needs to maintain top performance and safety.

Book your Audi power steering inspection with our experts at Fitch Autos today.

Audi Power Steering Fluid

In Summary

To ensure your Audi’s power steering system remains in top shape, it’s vital to keep your power steering fluid in great condition. This fluid not only lubricates your steering components but also safeguards them against wear, tear, and rust.

It’s not an area to neglect if you want optimal performance and safety from your vehicle.

It plays a crucial role in keeping key parts like pistons, valves, hoses, and pumps well-lubricated, lowering the risk of unnecessary damage while keeping expensive repairs at bay.

You want to avoid expensive repairs, right?

At Fitch Autos, we understand your power steering fluid servicing and replacement should be performed by experts. Luckily, our experienced Audi specialists have decades of experience caring for all Audi models and can maintain all areas of your car.

Looking to keep your power steering system in excellent condition? Call Fitch Autos today for a dependable Audi power steering service.

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