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Mercedes A & B Service

Mercedes A and B Service

Keeping your Mercedes in prime condition means choosing the correct service plan.

You might wonder, “Aren’t all service plans the same?” but when it comes to your Mercedes, there’s a bit more to it.

In 2009, Mercedes introduced a straightforward maintenance roadmap detailing the specific services your vehicle might require. To simplify things, they categorised them as Service A and Service B. This way, you can ensure your Mercedes receives the care it needs at the right time.

Your Mercedes typically sends a reminder when a check-up is due and might specify the required service, but this isn’t always the case.

In this guide, we’ll explain the distinctions between Service A and Service B and how Fitch Autos is the ideal choice for all your Mercedes maintenance, offering superior servicing at better-than-dealer value. 

Who doesn’t want that, right?

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Mercedes-Benz A Service 

After owning your Mercedes for one year or reaching 10,000 miles, it’s time for the Mercedes A Service. This type of service ensures your car operates like new. The Mercedes A Service is required every two years.

What does the Mercedes A Service at Fitch Autos entail?

  • Oil Change – We refresh the synthetic motor oil to guarantee the smooth operation of your engine’s components. 
  • Filter Replacement – We change the oil filter, preventing unwanted debris from affecting your engine. 
  • Tyre Assessment – We review and adjust your tyre pressure as necessary, promoting fuel efficiency, preventing uneven tyre wear, and maximising your road safety.
  • Brake Evaluation – We give your brakes a comprehensive examination to confirm everything is functioning correctly. Your safety is always our top priority.
  • Addressing Alerts – Got an alert on your dashboard? We’ll clear it. Once completed, we will update your Mercedes service record or logbook.

Mercedes-Benz B Service 

A year after your Mercedes A Service or after clocking 20,000 miles (whichever milestone you hit first), your vehicle will need the Mercedes B Service. This servicing option is more in-depth and ensures your car’s optimal performance.

Generally, A Service and B Service are cycled annually, each being due every two years (every other year).

When it’s time for the B Service, you’ll typically receive a dashboard alert indicating the need for the B Service.

Here’s what you can expect from the B Service at Fitch Autos:

  • Oil Refresh – We’ll replace your old synthetic motor oil to ensure the smooth operation of your engine.
  • Oil Filter Update – A new oil filter will be installed, shielding your engine from any impurities that could contaminate it. 
  • Dust Filter Swap – We’ll change the Cabin Dust/Combination Filter, making sure you’re breathing clean air without dust or allergens. 
  • Tyre Assessment – Your tyres get a thorough evaluation, with adjustments made to pressure levels for optimal fuel consumption, even wear, and road  safety. 
  • Brakes Analysis – A detailed examination of the brakes ensures they function at their best. 
  • Dashboard Alerts Cleared – We attend to and reset any dashboard warnings. As a finishing touch, your Mercedes service log or logbook is updated.

Service Levels A and B for Older Mercedes Models

For the older Mercedes models, the A and B Services might be more detailed. 

When your dashboard displays messages like “A1 Service” or “B6 Service”, it’s hinting at particular maintenance requirements for your car.

Let’s break down what these specific service indicators mean:

  • A0 or B0 Service – It’s time to give your Mercedes sunroof a thorough clean and lubrication. Additionally, specific models may also require a spark plug change. 
  • A1 or B1 Service – This indicates a brake fluid replacement. 
  • A2 or B2 Service – Both brake fluid change and sunroof cleaning and lubrication are required. 
  • A3 or B3 Service – Replacement of the air filter and spark plugs is due. 
  • A4 or B4 Service – It combines tasks like air filter replacement, spark plug change and sunroof servicing. 
  • A5 or B5 Service – An air filter change, spark plug renewal and brake fluid top-up are needed.
  • A6 or B6 Service – This includes replacing the air filter, spark plugs, brake fluid and sunroof maintenance. 
  • A7 or B7 Service – Your automatic transmission needs inspection, requiring an oil replacement and a new filter. 
  • A8 or B8 Service – Your transmission requires an oil change and a new filter, coupled with sunroof maintenance. 
  • A9 or B9 Service – Aimed at your transmission with an oil change, filter replacement, and brake fluid change.

Still feeling uncertain? Call our Mercedes experts at Fitch Autos for specialist help.

Signs That a Mercedes Needs a Service

When you’re due a Mercedes service, a notification will pop up on your dashboard (depending on your Mercedes model). But if you miss this, there’s no need to panic. You can find the alert in your vehicle’s settings.

Here’s a quick guide to help you:

  1. Head to the ‘Service’ option on your Mercedes Dashboard Screen.
  2. Once there, tap on the ASSYST PLUS feature.
  3. The display will then show the next required service

Should you find it complicated or you’re still uncertain, Fitch Autos is only a call away. Call our Mercedes specialists today; we’re always happy to help.

A Mercedes Dealer Service vs a Fitch Autos Service

At Fitch Autos, we’re committed to offering services that rival Mercedes dealership quality but at a much better value. We strictly follow Mercedes manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your Mercedes operates at its best, enhancing its efficiency, lifespan, and safety.

As your local independent Mercedes expert, we’re equipped with the same technical information as the main dealerships. So, your vehicle always receives the level of care needed to keep it running like new. 

On top of that, when your car is in our hands, we use genuine Mercedes parts or top-tier alternatives. Your Mercedes needs quality, and with us, that’s what it gets. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Our Google review rating is higher than the main Mercedes dealerships.

At Fitch Autos, we go above and beyond for your vehicle. We perform free safety inspections with every service, including brake fluid checks, brake pad reviews, and a complete brake assessment.

Your safety is our top priority, and we’ll do whatever it takes to have your Mercedes back on the road in perfect condition.

Our unwavering dedication to safety and excellence is one of the many reasons why our customers rate us higher than the main Mercedes dealerships. 

Looking for a Mercedes service? Call Fitch Autos today and give your vehicle the quality care it needs to remain like new. 

Mercedes C Class Servicing Case Study

Our client recently brought their Mercedes C Class to us for a routine B Service.

We were pleased to provide them  with a courtesy car during the service duration to ensure their  day continued without a hitch.

During the B Service, our Mercedes specialists inspected the following:

  • The entire Mercedes lighting system, windows, wipers, and mirrors.
  • Essential safety features include hazard lights, air conditioning, horn and seat belts.
  • The Mercedes steering, suspension, and drive system.
  • The brake pads, discs, and brake fluid levels.
  • A thorough under-the-bonnet inspection to identify any faults or leaks, replacing components including  the oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, and drive belts with genuine Mercedes parts when necessary.
  • Under-car examinations which involved tray removal, oil draining, and reviewing the transmission for potential leaks, rust, or corrosion.
  • The depth and pressure of the tyre treads and wheel alignment assessment.
  • Checking the antifreeze level, refilling it when required.
  • Renewing the engine oil and updating the service history.

During this comprehensive review, our Mercedes specialist observed an irregular wear pattern on the Mercedes C Class brakes.

Our team suggested an immediate brake pad and disc replacement, accompanied by a wheel alignment, to prevent the same problem from happening again.

Our client was glad we caught the issue early before it worsened; it could have resulted in fines from the police or worse… an accident.

With the client’s approval, our Mercedes experts replaced the brake pads and discs and then performed a wheel alignment. 

At Fitch Autos, we only begin working on your vehicle once we’ve got the go-ahead from you. You’re always in complete control. 

Once the brakes were replaced, our Mercedes specialists performed the Mercedes B Service and updated the service log. 

At Fitch Autos, we always go above and beyond for you. It’s why we included free safety inspections with every service, going beyond what the main Mercedes dealerships would. We aren’t happy until your vehicle is back on the road in peak condition with your safety intact.

Need a Mercedes service? Get in touch with Fitch Autos today for quality Mercedes servicing.

The Fitch Autos Way

You can count on our Mercedes experts at Fitch Autos to keep your Mercedes running like new. Whether you’re in Walsall or the surrounding areas, we can help. 

Unsure about the service your Mercedes needs? There’s no need to panic; our experts can help. Get better-than-dealership Mercedes servicing with us; call Fitch Autos today. 

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