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Audi Door Locking System

Audi TT Limited Edition

Audi occasionally manufacture ‘limited edition’ models and when they do they quickly become collectors and enthusiast favourites. 

So you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that if you were fortunate enough to purchase the limited-edition Audi TT, you look after the integrity of this piece of history. Mr Jones was no different and was lucky to own one of these Audi models since new, maintaining the car to a high standard. However, Mr Jones did experience some issues, which we were able to fix. This is how we did it. 


Mr Jones brought the car to our garage for its scheduled service. It was a real treat to work on the rare Audi TT, and it was clear that the vehicle had been well looked after and was looking great.

Audi Door Locking System

The client advised that he had recently noticed a problem with the locking system and asked if we would investigate what was happening. You see, Mr Jones had noticed that while he was driving the Audi, that the motor within the driver’s door latch would start to “do its own thing”. It was unlocking and locking at various, unpredictable moments.

Having completed the service, we knew we had a clear baseline to work from; a clean slate for diagnosis. Starting the diagnostic appointment, we connected the TT to the Audi Online diagnostic tool ODIS to download the data and compare it to the Audi standard.

There were no error codes present, so we had to go back to the Audi manufacturers wiring manuals and fitting instructions. These give a complete diagram of the wiring structure throughout the Audi, allowing our expert technician to trace the wiring and identify any faults along the way.

With nothing jumping out, we road-tested the TT and confirmed that the driver door latch was opening and closing throughout the drive. Our Audi expert technician removed the door card and checked the wiring along to the door latch. We also monitored the power, ground and signal to the latch. Tracing the wiring, we could locate that the fault was not due to damage to the wiring. The door was not receiving rogue signals, so this was not an electrical fault. The problem had to be with the door latch itself.

Once we had identified the problem, we went back to Mr Jones and explained what was causing the locking issue with his limited-edition Audi TT and what we would do to fix the issue.


Our expert technicians work with Audi vehicles regularly, so they are fully aware of the quality and integrity of all the moving parts. You wouldn’t have a high tech, high-performance vehicle and want to use anything other than genuine parts. We believe that would compromise the car’s overall quality, especially such a unique piece of engineering as this Audi TT.

After speaking to Mr Jones about the fault and explaining the need for a new door lock/latch mechanism, the client advised that he had already bought an after-market latch online. He had thought this was a likely issue and tried to get ahead of the game. He gave us the latch and asked us to use this for the replacement.

We explained to the client why we use the tools and products we do at Fitch Autos. The integrity of our diagnostic process, the quality of the parts we provide are crucial to our service promise. We spoke about why we felt fitting the online latch was a bad idea, and the client understood and agreed to have the genuine Audi recommended latch fitted.

The final touch was to make sure the secure fitting of the door card. Make sure the clips were replaced correctly; otherwise, this could lead to a rattling door card. We always go above and beyond!


We are always excited to work with any Audi model, but we get a little bit more excited when working with rare limited-edition models.

Using our test standards, we knew straight away that once the latch was changed, the spontaneous locking/unlocking would stop. Being able to replace the part and identify no fault with the wiring saved the client a substantial amount of time and money.

The level of care and attention given is the same for every vehicle that comes to us. We care for all our client’s cars as if they were our own. Using the latest technology and working with our experts, we take pride in our work and service. 

If you are experiencing any problems with your Audi and have some questions, or would like to book in for a service, please contact us on 01543 452630, where one of our technicians will be more than happy to help.

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