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So, in the interests of reducing transmission of the Coronavirus, the government have extended MOT test dates due from 31st March onward out by 6 months in order to reduce none-essential travel.  

Most of our customers don’t like it when MOT test time comes around – a lot of them compare it to going to the dentists for a check-up. Something that they don’t want to do but is necessary. 

So, it might be tempting to take full advantage of the extension and get your MOT done after the 6 extra months you’ve been given, right? 

Here’s why we think it isn’t such a great idea……. 

1) A third of cars fail their MOT when presented. 

Most of these failure items are noticeable, like lighting issues and tyres, but they would still cause you to be stopped by the police and potentially fined and receive points for driving an unroadworthy vehicle. This is made even more likely by leaving a vehicle 18 months without being checked in some way. 

Other failure items are dangerous and may not be able to be even seen without the proper equipment and your vehicle being on a testing ramp. This risks the safety of you and your family in the vehicle and of other road users. 

2) There will be a HUGE backlog of tests in November / December of this year. 

If everyone sticks to the extended dates, all of October, November and December’s MOT tests will still need to be carried out, plus all the extended March, April and May tests.  

Spaces for MOT tests will be extremely limited and it is likely that trying to book a test during this time will mean that you run the risk of not being able to get a slot before your expiry date and again risking fines if you continue to drive the vehicle on the road without a valid MOT. 

3) Potential Price Increases 

As the demand for MOT tests will outweigh the capacity to test, it’s also possible that the price will be increased in many MOT test centres as there will be such an increased demand for tests. The maximum retail price for a MOT test is £54.85. 

Here at Fitch Autos, our mission is to make sure our customers have safe, reliable vehicles to use on the road. 

We would hate to think that not having the vehicle checked for a long period of time has made your vehicle unsafe to drive. 

We recommend that for your safety and other road users safety, you get your vehicle’s MOT carried out as soon as reasonably possible once lockdown is lifted. 

To help you get this done sooner rather than later, we will be offering one of two things. 

1) Half Price MOTs

If you have a vehicle that has had its MOT date extended out by 6 months and decide to get your MOT done before this date we will charge half the retail price (£27.42).  

2) FREE Vehicle Health Checks

If you want to keep your extended expiry date on your MOT then we are offering free health checks to existing customers to make sure the basics are safe on your car. 

We’ve put measures in place at the workshop to minimise the risk of virus transmission and protect your and our safety at all time. 

These include contactless drop off and check-in, online payments and contactless collection. 

To take advantage of any of these offers book online here or call/WhatsApp us on 01543 452630.