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Land Rover Common Faults

Land Rover Common Faults

Land Rover vehicles are immensely popular across the UK. With their off road ability and high-quality craftsmanship you can understand why.

Despite their class-leading luxury and high-quality materials, they can experience common problems.

Your Land Rover may be experiencing some of these problems today, or you may have seen them in the past. In this blog, we are going to deep dive into what these faults are, how they are caused and what you can do to help prevent them.

Land Rover owners in the Walsall area have been trusting us to fix their precious vehicles for many years. We are an independent, family-owned garage serving the local Land Rover community. Call Fitch Autos today for all your Land Rover needs.

Read on to find out all you need to know about faults in your Land Rover!

Faults Commonly Found in Land Rover Vehicles

Land Rover vehicles are known for being luxurious and comfortable. However, they can break down and experience common faults. To avoid these faults and ensure your Land Rover lasts for years to come, follow this guide.

Here at Fitch Autos, we see common faults across all Land Rover models, they are:

  • AdBlue Problems: AdBlue helps reduce emissions in your Land Rover. If it’s not working properly, a warning light may appear on your dashboard. Don’t overlook it; it could lead to more significant problems. Contact our Land Rover expert today at Fitch Autos.
  • DPF Concerns: If you see black smoke from your exhaust, your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) might be the culprit. Don’t let it get worse; you might fail your MOT emissions test. Schedule an appointment with your Land Rover specialist at Fitch Autos today.
  • Issues with Software: Problems with software are common in modern vehicles. At Fitch Autos, our team has encountered a variety of these issues in Land Rover vehicles. Call us today to arrange for an expert repair.
  • Electrical Problems: Electrical issues are noticeable in various ways. If your windows, door locks, or mirrors are acting up, contact Fitch Autos, your Land Rover specialist, for a reliable fix.
  • Turbo Malfunctions: Most turbo failures result from oil issues. If your Land Rover has lost power or struggles to accelerate, don’t delay. Reach out to our team at Fitch Autos today.
  • Issues with Door Locks: Faulty doors can be a hassle. The causes could range from wiring problems to issues with the fob, electrics, or something else. Don’t disregard the problem; have our Land Rover specialist take a look at Fitch Autos.

To avoid costly and major repairs in the future, we suggest that you reach out to our expert team today at Fitch Autos if you experience any of these issues.

How To Find Common Issues in Your Land Rover

If you are aware of common Land Rover issues then you can work out if your vehicle is faulty. If you know that something is up, you can address it right away and prevent issues from getting worse. This will save you from expensive repairs further down the line.

Here are common signs that your Land Rover is having issues:

  • Warning Lights on the Dashboard – Pay attention to any lights that light up on your car’s dashboard. These lights may appear due to various issues including problems with electrics, the engine, brakes, or low air in the tyres.
  • Unusual Sounds – If your Land Rover makes strange noises like squealing, grinding, or knocking, there might be a mechanical or electrical problem that needs immediate attention.
  • Vibrations – When you’re driving, if you feel strange vibrations, it could be a sign of an issue with the wheels, suspension, drivetrain, or even the electrical system.
  • Issues with Performance – Keep in mind that Land Rovers can face performance problems due to various reasons, including engine, transmission, fuel system, or electrical issues.
  • Leaking Fluids – Check for any leaks beneath your Land Rover to find out if there are problems with the engine, transmission, or other related components.

At Fitch Autos, we possess the knowledge and experience to fix any of these common issues. Our team are experts when it comes to Land Rover vehicles, be sure to reach out to us today if you need help diagnosing and repairing issues.

How To Prevent Common Land Rover Faults

With routine maintenance and simple inspections, you could avoid unwanted and expensive repair bills in the future – which is what could happen if you ignore routine maintenance procedures.

Do not ignore the signs that your Land Rover needs inspection or repair. We suggest that you reach out to our expert team at Fitch Autos if you notice any of the above warning signs. Rely on our expert team for quality, first-time fixes.

By following this guide, you can help prevent problems in your Land Rover:

  • Listen out for unusual sounds like grinding, rattling, or squealing, as it could signal a problem.
  • Take note of warning lights on the dashboard.
  • When driving, steer clear of potholes and speed bumps to prevent issues.
  • Examine both the inside and outside of your Land Rover for signs of wear and tear.
  • Make sure to stay on top of routine maintenance and servicing for your Land Rover.

Safe driving and regular servicing will go a long way in preventing issues with your Land Rover. You help maintain resale value, prevent expensive repairs, and keep your vehicle working safely for years to come.

Does My Land Rover Warranty Cover Me for These Faults?

Your Land Rover warranty may cover you for one or more of these common faults. If you bought your vehicle through a main dealership, and if it is less than 4 years old (and under 50,000 miles), it is usually covered under warranty. Ensure you have the right information for your vehicle by checking your specific warranty handbook if you are ever in doubt.

At Fitch Autos, we help maintain your Land Rover warranty by only carrying out authorised and recommended repairs and services, using only genuine parts during each process.

Rely on Fitch Autos for your Land Rover Needs

Our team of independent specialists have been helping Land Rover owners in the local area for years. We only use genuine parts or high-quality alternatives to ensure that warranties are not affected. We have seen it all when it comes to Land Rover vehicles, you can ensure that your vehicle is in expert hands.

With Fitch Autos’ expertise, your Land Rover lifespan is extended, its resale value is maintained, and it continues to be safe on the road.

In Summary

The feeling you get when your Land Rover experiences issues is frustrating. Even the most luxury brands have common issues, no matter how confident you are when you purchase your Land Rover.

With various problems stemming from AdBlue issues, software problems, and electrical and locking issues which are common across all Land Rover models, reading this blog helps put your mind at rest knowing what you need to do to prevent unwanted repair bills in the future.

We suggest you reach out to our team of experts who will be able to assist with any Land Rover issues. Call our team today at Fitch Autos for a quality, first-time fix!

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