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Mercedes Steering Lock Fault

Mercedes Steering Lock Fault 

With sleek designs, advanced technology, and powerful engines, Mercedes has provided high-quality luxury cars for many years. A perfect example is the Mercedes A180 Sport. However, as with all makes and models, the A180 has experienced faults, in particular issues with the steering lock have been reported. One of our recent clients contacted us with this exact issue. 

Often, unresolved vehicle problems result in frustration and disappointment, especially when previous attempts to fix a fault fail. At Fitch Autos, we understand this frustration and disappointment, so we will never let your vehicle leave our garage until we are satisfied we have safely and effectively resolved an issue. Using our expertise and experience as an independent Mercedes-Benz garage, we confidently identified the problem with the A180 Sport and found a solution to the faulty steering lock.

To find out how, read on!

Mercedes Steering Lock Fault

Steering Lock: What Does it Do?

The steering lock prevents the steering wheel from turning when the vehicle is switched off. Upon turning off a Mercedes-Benz and removing the ignition key, the steering lock automatically activates.

However, you can also manually activate the system by pressing a button or switch usually found on the centre console or dashboard. As a result of immobilising the steering system, thieves are unable to steer or drive the vehicle.

What Happens when the Steering Lock Fails?

In the event of a malfunctioning steering lock, the steering wheel becomes locked in place, making steering difficult, if not impossible. When a steering lock malfunctions, you should take action as soon as possible, as it can be potentially dangerous.

If a customer contacts us with steering lock problems, we recommend that they attempt to resolve the issue themselves in the first instance. We ask them to try and disengage and reengage the steering lock as follows:

  1. Make sure the vehicle is parked and not moving.
  2. The key should then be inserted into the ignition.
  3. Turn the steering wheel gently while keeping the key inserted.
  4. Disengage the steering lock by listening for a click or release.
  5. For the wheels to be aligned, the steering wheel must be centred.
  6. Keep the steering wheel centred while turning the ignition key back to “Lock” or “Off” to reengage the steering lock.

In case this approach doesn’t work, our expert technicians at Fitch Autos can provide expert advice and assistance. For a reliable fix, call us right away.

Faulty Steering Lock Fix for Mercedes A180 Sport

The steering lock on a Mercedes A180 Sport can malfunction for a number of reasons.

In Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the steering lock system consists of two parts: the steering lock actuator and the steering lock module. The actuator is an electric motor that engages or releases the steering lock, while the module is like a computer which controls the actuator. Based on signals received from various sensors in the vehicle, this module determines when the steering should be locked or unlocked. When the car is off, these components secure the steering wheel, ensuring its safety.

If you have a problem with your actuator, module, or wiring, you might have problems with the steering lock on your Mercedes-Benz. Or there could be a problem with another component which is electrical. At Fitch Autos Mercedes-Benz, our Mercedes-Benz experts will be able to diagnose and correct any problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.

We use a multi-step diagnostic process to determine whether a problem is mechanical or electrical and diagnose it accordingly. We also check other parts of the vehicle to make sure there are no other underlying problems being missed that could cause the steering lock to malfunction.

The first step in diagnosing a vehicle, like our customer’s Mercedes A180 Sport, is to look for clues. Three key clues were discovered in this case:

  • There was a problem with the steering lock
  • There was a problem with the immobiliser
  • There was a problem recognising the key

Our Mercedes expert technician was able to identify the problem’s root cause based on this information.

  • Inspection: During our visual inspection, we checked the steering lock and surrounding area for signs of damage caused through wear and tear, as well as the wiring and connections for corrosion.
  • Diagnostic evaluation: Using Mercedes dealer-level software, our team analysed all diagnostic fault codes stored within the car’s computer system. There were no fault codes on the A180, which would have helped us narrow down the investigation.
  • System test: Once again, using dealer-level software our technician checked the steering lock control module’s inputs and outputs, as well as its voltage supply.
  • Actuator test: Last but not least, we then tested the steering lock actuator to ensure it worked correctly and could lock and unlock the wheel.

As a result of our tests, we found that the steering lock control module was defective. Our expert technician would need to replace the steering lock control module with a genuine Mercedes-Benz part. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service at Fitch Autos, using only the best parts available on the market.

Problem Identification and Resolution

In order to perform this repair effectively, only expert technicians should replace the Mercedes-Benz steering lock control modules.

In order to replace the module on the A180 Sport, our Mercedes-Benz specialist followed these steps:

  • Identify the issue: Before replacing the steering lock control module, our Mercedes technician correctly diagnosed the problem.
  • Remove the module: Our technician then removed the steering lock control module from the vehicle. The location varies depending on the model. Generally, you’ll find the module located on the steering wheel, on the dashboard, or inside the engine compartment.
  • Replace the module: After removing the old module, our technician installed the new one.
  • Re-program the module: In order for the new module to work properly, our technician reprogrammed it after it was installed.
  • Test drive the vehicle: Our technician then test drove the vehicle to ensure that the steering lock and immobiliser worked correctly.
  • Clear fault codes: To ensure that everything was working properly, our technician cleared fault codes from the vehicle’s ECM (Engine Control Module).

In order for the steering lock module to operate, it must recognise the unique code of the lock cylinder installed in the vehicle. If the lock cylinder is replaced, the steering lock module will not recognise the new code.

Changing the lock cylinder requires recoding the steering lock module to function properly. The safety of your Mercedes-Benz can be compromised if the steering lock module is not recoded after replacing the lock cylinder.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced technicians, we diagnose and fix Mercedes problems accurately and efficiently. The Mercedes A180 Sport owner was able to collect their vehicle, confident it was now in full working order.

If you have any questions or concerns, our technicians at Fitch Autos are always available to assist you. Throughout the process, we remain transparent about what needs to be done and what the costs will be. 

We ensure that the work we do is of the highest quality by using Mercedes procedures and high-quality parts in all our repairs and services.

Count on Fitch Autos for great service and great value from a Mercedes garage you can trust. Give us a call on 01543 452630 to schedule an appointment.

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