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With the growing demand for Electric or Hybrid vehicles, now is the time for garages to make sure they are properly equipped to deal with the change.  

Here at Fitch Autos, we are working hard to stay ahead of the change client safety is our priority regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. Our team are well equipped with the expertise to deal with Electric and Hybrid vehicles as well as conventional fuel vehicles. It is one of the reasons why Mr Wallis chose us to help with his VW Golf GTE.

Mr Wallis brought his VW Golf GTE to us after some previous work on his car had not fixed the problem.  Originally the client had taken the VW to another garage after he’d noticed some problems with the performance of his Golf, as well as a noise coming from under the bonnet.

The original garage had explained to the client that it was a problem with his cambelt and he would need to have it replaced. Understanding the damage (and cost!) that a faulty cambelt can cause to an engine, Mr Wallis gave the original garage the go ahead. The cambelt was duly replaced but disappointingly for the customer it didn’t resolve the problem! The VW Golf GTE still wasn’t running properly and was difficult to get started sometimes.  

Frustrating? Costly? YES! 

That’s when the customer contacted Fitch Autos.

Seeing the client’s frustration we reassured Mr Wallis that we would use our proven 15 step diagnostic evaluation to get to the bottom of the problem and get him back on the road as soon as possible.


Before getting into our unique step by step process,  we spoke with the client about what had already been completed on the vehicle at the previous garage.  The client advised they had replaced the cambelt and told him that they had adjusted the timing.

We started our diagnostic evaluation. One of the first steps is to identify any error codes being generated by the vehicle. In this case, the error code that appeared was:

  • P0016 Camshaft/Crankshaft position

Now, error codes should only ever be viewed as a ‘signpost’ to narrow down where the root cause of the problem is. The skill comes from genuinely understanding how all the components of a vehicle work together – mechanical and electrical. That’s where our experts really come into their own!

Our full vehicle inspection confirmed that apart from this code, the VW Golf GTE was in great condition.  The error code had helped us narrow down where the issue was but we needed to draw upon our expertise to understand what was causing the loss of performance with this VW GTE.  Knowing that the cambelt had already been replaced, our expert technicians turned their attention to the timing.

A test our specialists use is to lock the crankshaft in place and then check the timing.  It  was way off.  We performed several checks, which confirmed that not only was the cambelt timing out, but the mechanical timing also needed adjustment.


Here at Fitch Autos, we always work closely with our clients to make sure they have a full understanding of our recommendations.  We wanted to make sure Mr Wallis understood why we would have to re-trace some of the work that had already been completed.

With the client’s agreement, we started work on getting this VW Golf GTE back on the road.

Firstly, we removed the newly fitted timing belt and made the necessary timing adjustments – following the manufacturer’s recommended settings.  Next, our technician turned their attention to putting the engine back together, but not before replacing all the stretch bolts for the cam and crankshafts.  It was clear at this point that these had not been replaced at the same time as the belt!!!

With these parts updated and everything back in place, our team were finally happy with the mechanical timing.  

Now it was time to correct the cambelt timing.  

Using a micro fine adjustment timing tool, (a VAS611007 for those of you who are interested!) combined with the knowledge of our expert VW technicians, we were able to set the correct cambelt timing to the GTE and get the car back to Mr Wallis.


Handing the VW Golf GTE back to the client, knowing that we had fixed the problem and that the client is safely back on the road, with his car performing like the manufacturer designed it, is what makes us tick!

Mr Wallis advised that he had found us after a search on Google, following the experience he had had with a garage that he had previously used for years.  The reassurance our technicians gave him, with their open and honest approach, made the client realise he was in safe hands.  Client safety is our priority which is why we have developed our unique 15 step diagnostic process. This allows us to fix the root cause of the issue. No unnecessary parts. No unnecessary trips back and forth to the garage. Better value for money for our customers.

What’s more, the work we have completed on this VW will keep the client safe on the road.  This is our priority. There could have been extensive damage caused to the engine at any time if the issue had been left unaddressed. And let’s face it, nobody wants to be stranded or left in a dangerous situation. We’re just glad we could help.

If you are experiencing problems with your VW, big or small, contact our team at Fitch Autos today.  Call us on 01543 452630 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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