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Here at Fitch Autos, our team of technicians are passionate about keeping you safe and your car in tip top condition.  Giving you, as a client, the peace of mind that we will care for your car as if it was one of our own. 

We are known for our 15 step diagnostic process and an open and honest approach to advice – just two of the reasons why Mr Humpage brought his BMW X6 to us when he saw warning lights appear on his vehicle’s dashboard.

Whilst driving his BMW X6, the client had noticed that the Engine Management Light had come on, along with a warning for the AdBlue system.

Engine Management Warning Light

The AdBlue system is essential to reduce harmful exhaust emissions within your diesel vehicle.  The system injects a fine mist of the AdBlue solution into the exhaust system to start a chemical reaction and keep your car emissions in line with the legal standards.

This means a faulty AdBlue system can be a costly fix in terms of repairs and the possibility of a failed MOT.

So when the BMW X6 arrived at our garage, we immediately set to work understanding what was going on under the bonnet  to cause these lights to appear. That meant using our proven 15 step diagnostic process – a system we have developed at Fitch – which helps us to get to the root cause of the issue for our customers.  

Step 1 of 15 in this process is to understand if there are any error codes and possible software issues.  The error codes present on the BMW X6 were:

  • 26F500 – SCR System efficiency too low
  • 2AC600 – SCR System efficiency too low – Poor AdBlue quality detected.


After confirming the error codes, our experts knew to focus their attention on the AdBlue system.

Firstly, we checked the level of AdBlue available within the system.  The levels met the system requirements, so next we moved onto the quality of the AdBlue solution available.  This all came back as ok, so we had to dig deeper.

We carried out a visual inspection under the X6 bonnet, followed by checking underneath the car and confirmed that there was nothing visibly wrong in either location.  The car was actually in really good condition.  A well looked after BMW X6.

BMW X6 Adblue fault

Then we removed the AdBlue System injector allowing us to check the spray pattern, making sure this was functioning properly, spraying the AdBlue solution to start the chain reaction.  The injector was working properly so having put it back together, we moved on to SCR testing.

Now, for those of you who like a bit more detail, SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction.  The process of reducing harmful emissions from your vehicle and which provides environmental benefits.  So an all-round good thing to have working properly.

Whilst carrying out all the relevant SCR tests on this BMW X6, we noticed that there was a fault with the catalyst temperature sensor.  The sensor was appearing to drop in and out regularly, which then gave the wrong temperature reading.  The temperature readings from this sensor ensure that the system operates within the correct parameters for efficient conversion of the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and is needed to meet the NOx efficiency legal limits.

It had become clear which part of the vehicle had the fault and our team of expert technicians knew exactly what they had to do next.


Knowing the fault was with the temperature sensor, our team got started on the fix.  We started by removing the catalyst temperature sensor and replaced it with a new one.  We then made sure that we re-ran the SCR system testing to re-check for the previous fault.  

Testing showed that there were now no faults and that everything was working correctly – this was confirmed on our extended road test.  

Having confirmed everything was ok, we re-set the software which turned out the warning lights from the X6 dashboard.

With the car back in one piece and working properly, we were ready to hand it back over to the client


Our priority at Fitch Autos is to keep our customers safely on the road – using our expertise, for resolving those challenging BMW faults, as well as for general maintenance and BMW servicing.  

Our unique diagnostic process ensures we get to the root cause of the problem.  We consider the whole vehicle instead of a narrowed view, which means we can identify potential problems that may be overlooked by others.

We know how inconvenient it can be to be without your car while it’s being repaired. So, when Mr Humpage’s BMW X6 was with us for 2 days, we were able to offer him a free courtesy car during this time, keeping him mobile and minimising disruption to his days.  

What’s more, our 15-step process means that we never guess with our fix. We don’t swap out parts in the hope that this resolves the issue. We only ever repair or replace components that are genuinely needed.

In Mr Humpage’s case we were able to pinpoint the fault down to the temperature sensor, the accuracy of our diagnosis, saving the client time and money on this expensive system.   

Here at Fitch Autos, we never put a price on client safety.  We offer a complete diagnosis of the vehicle, offering value for money and reassurance.  Our technicians are expertly trained to cover all parts of vehicle maintenance and servicing and are happy to answer any questions our client may have about their car.

If you are having warning light issues with your car, or feel like the car is lacking in performance or efficiency, please contact us on 01543 452630.  Getting you back on the road safely and cost effectively.

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