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How to solve Audi error codes!

Even if you have been driving for a number of years, there is a certain level of dread and panic that comes with an engine warning light.  And that is exactly how our client felt when they brought their beloved Audi TT (2012) to us.

So we did a little research…

“Performance.  Efficiency. Design.”

That’s the first three words on the Audi webpage.  So imagine our client’s disappointment when they are only getting one of the three.  And that one was design.  Their Audi still looked good, but it was currently not performing and therefore was not efficient.

And we know cars age, and things don’t last forever.  But Audi cars are a huge asset and most of the time, our pride and joy, so we want all three.  We deserve all three.

So imagine when the client brought their Audi TT to us after the car had started misfiring and running rough.  Feeling gritty, chugging and lacking power. Disappointing.

Along with this though, the EPC (Electronic Power Control) and the EML (Engine Management Light) were lit up on the dashboard.  This is never good.  But understanding the complex nature of the Audi Engine Management System (EMS), the client was right to be concerned that the problem could be complex, time consuming and potentially costly.

So let’s use our Audi experts

We have to start with the warning lights.

The EPC controls the ignition system within the Audi engine.  The system is computerised and if a problem is detected within the engine, the EPC will limit the amount of power that can be put through the accelerator, hence the lagging performance of our client’s Audi.

EPC goes hand in hand with the EML.  Because the EPC identifies a problem within the engine itself, the EML will come on automatically.

Next we used our Audi dealer level diagnostic equipment to identify the error codes:

  • P0300 – Misfiring Detected
  • P0301 – Cylinder 1 (Misfiring recognised)
  • P130A – Cylinder Suppression

Having collected the error codes, we then ran a live data check of the Audi.  This included a vehicle history check and full visual inspection.  Nothing else seemed out of place on the car so we turned our attention back to the cylinders and ignition coil packs.  We scoped all 4 coil packs, recording the primary and secondary waveforms.

After downloading the Audi dealer diagnostic information, we compare all 4 waveforms and located the fault.  With the use of our PicoScope Waveform tool, (it is like something out of a science lab – clever stuff!) we were able to make a full and quick conclusion.  And fortunately for us, this tool is not standard equipment in all garages.  So, if nothing else comes from this, if you have any engine problem, make sure your mechanic has access to the right equipment, the right data and the expertise to use it!  The consequences of not having it costs time and money.

So what did we find?

Reading the waveform information, we identified that the number 1 coil pack on our customer’s Audi TT had internally shorted out.  Without all 4 coil packs working, that car will go into protection mode; saving the engine from any further damage.

But we fixed it.

We replaced the ignition coil pack along with all 4 spark plugs and guess what?… no more warning lights or engine malfunctions.  The Audi’s acceleration was back and the car was no longer misfiring….

Everything the client had hoped for

Having our Audi expert technicians and the diagnostic tools that we have at our disposal, means that we were able to identify that 100% it was coil pack 1 that was faulty and means that we did not have to waste time or money changing all the coil packs, sparks plugs and potentially cylinders on our customer’s Audi TT.

Pinpointing the problem down means that we saved the client from the changing of unnecessary parts or even a hefty engine rebuild invoice.

We were able to go back to the client within 1 hour, the time of our Audi diagnostic evaluation test, detailing the problem and explaining the fix.  The client was extremely happy that the team here at Fitch Autos was able to give them back the promise of …

Performance. Efficiency. Design.

Getting back on the road

If you are experiencing issues with your Audi, whether its warning lights or it just isn’t performing like it used to,  please contact one of our team on 01543 542630 where we will be happy to offer advice, or book in for an assessment with one of our Audi experts.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience, in order to give the best service we can to our clients and get their car back to them as soon as possible.

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