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bmw garage tamworth

Independent BMW Garage Tamworth

BMW Garage Tamworth

Welcome to Fitch Autos BMW Garage Tamworth – your local BMW garage for all your servicing, repairs, and MOT needs.

At Fitch Autos, we love BMW and can care for any model, whether you’ve got a petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric, automatic, or manual. Our BMW specialists have the skills and know-how to give your vehicle the premium service it needs to stay in top condition.

We only use genuine or high-quality BMW parts for every repair. All our parts and labour come with a 12-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

As your local BMW Garage, we offer a dealership-level service for better value than the BMW Tamworth dealership. We’re even more highly rated with over 300+ 5 –star Google reviews.

Call Fitch Autos BMW Garage Tamworth for all your motoring needs.

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bmw garage tamworth

BMW Car Service

Don’t let your luxury car go to waste; give it the luxury care it needs to remain in peak condition. Our comprehensive BMW service keeps your vehicle like new by giving you better fuel efficiency, a smoother drive, and improved longevity.

We find faults before they become serious, saving you time, money, and stress.

As our specialists service your vehicle using BMW manufacture protocol, your BMW warranty remains intact. What more could you want?

Call our team today and ask about our BMW service.

bmw garage tamworth


At Fitch Autos BMW Garage Tamworth, we use DVSA guidelines to ensure your BMW is in a roadworthy condition.

As your vehicle is in Fitch Autos’ expert hands, you can relax knowing your car is getting the care it deserves. Why not make your life easier and combine your annual service with your MOT? Ask our team when you book your BMW in.

bmw garage tamworth
bmw garage tamworth

BMW Tyres

Your tyres form a bond with the road. Faulty tyres can impact steering and prevent your brakes working as they should. If you’ve noticed your braking distance increase, call us today at Fitch Autos for a free tyre assessment.

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Air Con

Your BMW’s air con is a crucial safety system to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and help to de-mist your windows. If your air con is running warm when it should be cool, call Fitch BMW Garage Tamworth for a check-up.

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Brakes 

Did you know, a quarter of accidents happen because of poor brakes? Don’t put yourself in danger. If you’ve noticed your stopping distance increase, it’s time to call Fitch BMW Garage Tamworth for a brake assessment.

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Batteries

Don’t let a flat battery ruin your day. If you’ve noticed your headlights dimming or a clicking noise when you turn your key, it could be your battery starting to fail. Call Fitch BMW Garage for a quick fix.

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Diagnostics

Our BMW specialists use decades of experience, know-how, and our 15-step diagnostic process to find faults other garages might miss; call our team today at our BMW Garage Tamworth.

bmw garage tamworth

EV & Hybrid Car Servicing

EV and Hybrid cars are the future, but to keep them in peak condition, you need to service them regularly. We’re one of the few garages in the local area trained and qualified to work on high voltage vehicles.

Call Fitch Autos BMW Garage Tamworth today

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Clutch & Gearbox

Are your gears grinding and making a whirring noise? You might need a clutch and gearbox check. Speak with our team at Fitch BMW Garage Tamworth and book your BMW in today.

bmw garage tamworth


Your Diesel Particulate Filter helps reduce your BMW’s emissions. If it’s faulty, you might not pass your MOT. If you’re seeing black smoke, let our experts have a look. Call Fitch BMW Garage Tamworth today.

bmw garage tamworth

BMW Exhausts

To pass your emissions MOT test, your exhaust needs to be in working order. If your BMW is burning fuel like no tomorrow or is struggling to accelerate, don’t wait around. Get in touch with our team today.

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bmw garage tamworth

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my BMW service?

Our Google rating is higher than the main BMW Tamworth dealership. We have over 300+ 5–star reviews.

At Fitch Autos, your safety is our top priority. We provide a first-time fix and excellent value.

While your BMW is with our specialists, we keep you informed every step of the way. Once the initial inspection is completed, we call you to discuss any recommendations. We only start working on your BMW when you say so. You’re always in charge; from when you arrive until we hand you your keys.

Stay in control with Fitch Autos BMW Garage Tamworth.

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Finance options available

Spread the cost – Avoid the stress of an unexpected repair by making the payment work for you. Ask our team about it.

Free courtesy vehicle

Free courtesy car – Use our complimentary courtesy car while we work on your BMW. Speak to our team about it when you book in.

We’re conveniently located

We’re located in Brownhills, 18 minutes outside the busy Tamworth town centre.

Why venture into Tamworth when you can avoid the traffic by visiting Fitch Autos?

Call Fitch BMW Garage Tamworth and speak to our team; we love to help.

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