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The DPF Cleaning Process

Stage 1: In Depth DPF Diagnostics

We carry out an in depth diagnostics, checking that the key components and sensors are functioning correctly before initiating a DPF clean. Where necessary, further investigation is carried to ensure a successful clean. We carry various common DPF sensors, pipe’s etc in stock so that we can quickly have you back on the road in the event that your DPF problem is actually a component failure.

Stage 2: The DPF Cleaning Process

Using our specialist cleaning system, a carbon cleaning solution is injected into the pre DPF pressure line and soak period is now initiated. The engine is then ran at a fast idle allowing the soak fluid to clean the carbon content in the DPF. This is then followed by a further injection of a cleaning flush solution during an engine fast idle cycle and we carry out the flushing process twice.

Stage 3: Live Data and DPF Analysis

Finally, live data is analysed during a road test or DPF regeneration. This is then followed by final parameter checks logging DPF back pressure readings. These readings, before and after, are then reported back to you for your peace of mind.

The three stage DPF cleaning process is now complete. The whole process takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

If you're wondering 'how can I find DPF cleaning near me', rest assured we supply mobile vehicle DPF cleaning in the West Midlands. Our DPF filter cleaning costs are very reasonable, get in touch with Fitch Autos for a quote. We supply DPF services across little wyrley, clayhanger, stonnall, great wyrley, shenstone, cannock, lichfield, little hay, burntwood, pelsall, aldridge, norton canes, and wallsall.


DPF Questions

We first start off by inspecting the vehicle and diagnosing the issue that has caused the DPF to block in the first place, so we can repair this problem before cleaning so the issue doesn’t happen again shortly after the clean.

After this we check pressure readings from the DPF to confirm it is blocked.

We then carry out a 3 stage cleaning process on the DPF without removing it from the vehicle. This breaks down any soot in the DPF and ensures it is cleaned.

We then check the DPF pressure again to confirm it is clean and regen the DPF and reset any counters if required.

No, but we can guarantee that the DPF is clear when it leaves us and the original issue causing the problem in the first place has been resolved.

DPF regeneration relies on many components (such as thermostats, EGR valves, throttle bodies, glow plugs, pressure sensors etc) to be functioning correctly to successfully do a regen and if one of these fails in the future there is the potential that the DPF may block again.

Leaving your DPF to build up exhaust soot can have the knock-on effect of not only reducing your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency but result in a loss of power too.

If you leave DPF filter cleaning too long, a new DPF system can end up costing anywhere up to £3k so the cheaper and safer option is to ensure a DPF clean is carried out regularly to ensure you don’t experience any of the issues mentioned above.

Fitch Autos provide a regular maintenance service offering affordable DPF cleaning prices

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