Direct injection valve cleaning

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Direct Injection Cleaning Valves

Modern engine design incorporates a technique known as 'direct injection', a technology that was created when car manufacturers realised they could simply spray fuel directly into an engine's combustion chamber, rather than mixing air and fuel in the intake ports under lower pressure. This has a number of advantages, including better efficiency and fuel economy. However, because the fuel bypasses the intake ports completely, the engine valves don't get cleaned.

If you take into consideration the amount of unspent oil, fuel and other deposits that enter the intake ports, your valves can become incredibly dirty. However, carbon build-up also has the potential to disrupt the refined timings of GDI engines, causing idle vibrations to become an extreme shake, which you'll notice when you come to a temporary stop, such as at traffic lights. Lower engine efficiency and poor combustion also lead to ignition failure, and you're likely to notice frequent diagnostic codes and engine management warnings.

Carbon build-ups also affect the surfaces of the intake manifolds, so air enters the chamber in a turbulent and inconsistent manner, rather than flowing in smoothly. This then promotes imbalanced burning, causing your engine to eventually form high-temperature zones that will degrade quicker.

What's the first sign of carbon build-up?

GDI systems reduce engine noise, eliminate vibrations and lower heat-up times, so one of the first signs of carbon build-up will likely be a gradual reduction in mpg and performance.

Where to get Direct Injection Valve Cleaned

The best solution for carbon build-up is direct injection valve cleaning. Here at Fitch Autos, our cleaning process is fairly straightforward, and the team will take great care to ensure no further damage is caused to the valves or the head of the engine. The valves are cleaned with various chemicals before being blasted by a neutralising agent. Direct injection valve cleaning can be completed in one day.

How to keep valves clean in direct injection engines

Carbon build-up is difficult to prevent in GDI engines, so we recommend a direct injection cleaning valves treatment every 15,000 miles. For more information, contact us at Fitch Autos on 01543 452 630.


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