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What is Diagnostics?

Diagnostics in general terms is vehicle electrical fault finding and repair. This could be something that has a symptom like a rear heated screen not working or an engine management light being on with no running issues.
The vehicle computer systems indicate through dashboard lights that a vehicle has a fault and the advice in your manual is to take it into a workshop in order to diagnose and fix the faults.

Most people who know a little about vehicles assume that a garage plug in a computer or diagnostic device, this then tells you what the issue is on the vehicle and that part is replaced.

This is NOT the case.

A fault code read by a machine is a computer’s interpretation of a fault and often these faults relate to the symptom of the fault and not the cause.

Some garages, including main dealers, will replace a component the fault code relates to, which can result in expensive repair bills and parts replaced that were not required.

We use the latest tools and invest heavily in diagnostic technology and training in order to make sure our diagnosis is as accurate a possible.

We will speak to you before diagnosing your vehicle to discuss the symptoms you are having and when they occur and where required carry out a road test of your vehicle in order to confirm the fault.

We then carry out a diagnostic scan and look at any live data that may suggest the cause of your issues and develop a test plan and contact you to let you know the likely outcomes and costings to diagnose correctly and replace any defective parts in order to get your vehicle repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible - first time.

As well as our Bosch diagnostic equipment, we now have the following dealer software:

Diagbox (Peugeot / Citroen)
ODIS (Seat / Skoda / Audi / Volkswagen)

Xentry (Mercedes)

Techstream (Toyota)

IDS (Ford)


VIDA (Volvo)

GDS (Vauxhall)

These programs give us the ability to diagnose, code and replace items that would have only have been possible to replace if you visited a main dealer and paid the high prices that they charge.

We can code in new modules, ECUs and carry out reset, regenerations and activations of extra items in many vehicles using this software and these allow us to obtain more accurate and in-depth information on any technical service bulletins or known issues directly from the dealer system.

All this means we have access to the exact information that all main dealers have and can offer the same level of diagnosis, repair and technical skills that you would expect at a franchised dealer but at a much lower price!

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