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Fitch Autos are local RAC approved car mechanics providing expert Lichfield car servicing. During a car service Lichfield we make sure all manufacturer requirements are strictly adhered to; all checks, tests and repairs are fully documented and warranty commitments are kept up-to-date.

Lichfield Full Car Service

We provide both Full and Interim Lichfield car servicing. For modern vehicles we use Autodata software. This gives us with the correct service obligations for any vehicle. We ensure prescribed service actions are undertaken and guarantee the same service standards as main dealerships.

A Lichfield full car service is a thorough inspection and includes oil and filter replacement and a comprehensive maintenance checklist. For lower mileage drivers we may recommend you have an Interim car service Lichfield every other year instead. This still covers the most important aspects of a Lichfield full car service but will cost less.

Lichfield Car Service Cost

Fitch Autos offers Lichfield full car services from just £75 when booked online. Our competitive pricing gives excellent value for money. At the point of booking we quote a fixed price for your car service Lichfield. When you collect your car after a Lichfield car service, this is the price you pay. This is subject to any additional work uncovered during the car servicing Lichfield. Rest assured that we always discuss and wait for your agreement before we begin any suggested work.

If a warning light has appeared on your dashboard we run a full car diagnostic test and identify the problem. Our car diagnostics Lichfield tests pinpoint issues so that we can propose the necessary repairs.

For trouble free motoring for diesel-fuel cars it is essential to regularly clean the DPF filter. A regular maintenance Car Service Lichfield inspects this filter and we advise when Lichfield DPF filter cleaning is required. We offer affordable professional Lichfield DPF cleaning services with our meticulous 3 stage Lichfield DPF cleaning process. DPF cleaning Lichfield takes approximately 2 hours, so you can be back on the road as quickly as possible.



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