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Car Service Cannock

Fitch Motors offers professional car servicing Cannock. As well as the mandatory checks carried out during a Cannock car service, we have the on-site technology and skilled labour to ensure you get your car back on the road without delay. This includes car diagnostics Cannock and DPF filter cleaning Cannock.

Value For Money Cannock Car Servicing

Current EU regulations state you don’t have to take your car to a main dealer to keep your warranty intact. This means you can bring any car to us for a car service Cannock. We certify all manufacturer warranties are kept on-track and you get an identical car service at a fraction of the cost! A Cannock car service cost is much more affordable, without sacrificing standards. For older vehicles we provide regular maintenance services.

Cannock Full Car Service

A Cannock full car service is an in-depth survey of your vehicle and is essential for maintaining high performance and car safety. We replace things like oil and filters in a Cannock full car service, as well as inspecting condition in a comprehensive checklist. An interim car service Cannock may be more suitable for low mileage drivers.

All Cannock full car services can be booked online from as little as £75. This is exceptional value for money. When you book your car in for a Cannock car service we will quote you a fixed price. If problems are found, we will contact you immediately. We will discuss additional repair/ replacement costs, and only begin work once your agreement is confirmed.

Cannock Car Diagnostics

We provide full Cannock car diagnostics tests to identify specific electrical faults in your car. With the use of sophisticated software we are able to locate problems and quickly deal with them. Car diagnostics Cannock are a vital component in keeping modern cars in tip-top condition.

When servicing diesel-fuel cars we check DPF filter build-up. If considered necessary we will recommend Cannock DPF filter cleaning. Our Cannock DPF cleaning services will clear soot and help prolong the life of your vehicle. We offer meticulous DPF cleaning services Cannock. DPF cleaning Cannock normally takes a couple of hours, so will not hold you up for longer than is necessary.



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Cannock Servicing

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