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Burntwood Car Servicing

We are the one-stop garage to deal with all Burntwood car servicing needs. We are RAC approved mechanics and carry out professional car servicing Burntwood. Whatever your car, we can take care of your service schedule and sort repairs. To ensure your car is in tip-top condition and is safe to drive, book your car service Burntwood at Fitch Motors today.

Car Servicing Burntwood

Modern Vehicles:

    Under EU regulations you are no longer tied to the main dealerships and their high prices. For all modern vehicles we use Autodata software to reference manufacturer service specifications. A Burntwood car service keeps all manufacturer warranties up-to-date and provides the same high standards as a main dealer at a reduced cost!

Older Vehicles:

    We still offer standard maintenance car servicing Burntwood for older vehicles.

Burntwood Car Service Cost

A Burntwood full car service can be booked online for as little as £75! If we identify any problems in the car service Burntwood, we will contact you immediately and await your instructions before beginning work. The cost of additional work will always be discussed with you at this point.

We offer both interim and full car services Burntwood. An interim car service is often advised every other year for low mileage drivers; it still covers the important aspects of a full service but at a lower cost.

Burntwood Car Diagnostics and Burntwood DPF Cleaning Services

These important services help get vehicles back to maximum performance as quickly as possible.

We employ car diagnostics Burntwood testing to pinpoint electrical faults. These are shown as errors on your inbuilt car computer. With the right equipment, Burntwood car diagnostics testing is simple and effective.



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Burntwood Servicing

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